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Genie Launches AI-Powered App That Achieved 99% Scam Blocking Accuracy 

Tech startup, Genie, has officially released its smart AI scam Genie Launches AI-Powered App That Achieved 99% Scam Blocking Accuracy and spam call blocking app. After a successful pilot with over 1,000 users, Genie is ready to launch their AI Powered platform across the US. 

The AI-powered app shields users from scammers. With an advanced conversational interface, Genie acts as a virtual assistant, actively filtering out deceptive callers, texters, and emailers. Genie’s AI technology engages them in real-time conversations. Leveraging its AI capabilities, Genie analyzes the communication, quickly discerning the true intentions behind each interaction. By understanding the identity and purpose of the interaction, Genie selectively allows only safe and desired connections through.  

Genie’s AI technology  determines whether to accept, block, or decline calls. Unlike competitors that say “spam likely” when receiving an incoming call, Genie will tell its users where the person is calling from and explain how it could be connected to them. If a user recently applied for an apartment and a call comes from a leasing agent, the platform will make that connection. This way, Genie users don’t miss out on any important calls and have peace of mind about using their devices. Current users have already been shown to answer unknown calls six times more than those who don’t have the Genie app.  

Genie was designed to help people reliably protect themselves from scams. In 2021, more than 59 million Americans were victims of these schemes and 19% were duped more than once. Despite feeling like you should be smart enough to spot these tricksters, the release of more advanced technology such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT has made it almost impossible. Jason Wolf, a co-founder of Genie and 30 year tech entrepreneur veteran, thought he would be able to tell too. However, as AI tools have become popular and the tactics of criminals are changing, anyone can easily be fooled. 

Jason began realizing the gravity of scamming when his parents were frequently contacting him with concerns about unknown callers. While he gave them some advice about how to avoid being scammed, Jason felt like there should be a better solution for protecting yourself. Determined to help his parents and educate himself, he conducted thorough research and learned about the numerous types of scams that people encounter. Whether it be romance, tech support, or grandparent scams, they are extremely harmful for mental and financial health and current services are falling short. This inspired Jason to create Genie and help build a safer digital world.  

Thursday, September 7, 2023


Thanks @AgeInPlaceTech for covering Genie, what an honor! 


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