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Group Medical Supply launches GMS Automatic Pill Dispensers

Plymouth, MN - July 1, 2018 - Group Medical Supply, LLC, a manufacturer and retailer of compliance and diabetic products is launching two new products. GMS Automatic Pill Dispensers are locking, programmable, and designed for individuals who need assistance with medication compliance. Integrating  Bluetooth™ and WiFi with an automatic pill dispenser provides users the ability to receive digital notification of scheduled doses.

The standard unit includes Bluetooth™ technology, and can be synced with a wireless device using the LeBox app (available from Google Play store or Apple Apps), tracking doses and alarming user of dosage times.  Few manufacturers currently provide a pill dispenser with this capability. It also features an AC Adapter and 4 AA batteries.

The advanced unit syncs with a users device using the ZayaCare app (also available from Google Play or Apple Apps), and can be configured to connect to a local area wireless network. An API server receives and relays information, making it possible to track doses and send notifications of missed or taken doses to assigned caregivers or family members via text notification. It also comes with an AC Adapter and rechargeable battery. 

Both pill dispensers can also be configured manually, notifying the user with flashing lights and voice alarm without the aid or use of a tablet or smartphone.

“The GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser helped my mother, an Alzheimer’s patient,

remember to take her daily pills. This kept her living at home instead of in a care facility. Thank You”

Group Medical Supply, LLC was founded in 2005 in West suburban Minneapolis, MN. GMS now offers over 1000 health and wellness products ranging from medication compliance tools to diabetic carrying cases. In an effort to prolong autonomy for aging adults, GMS has worked to develop products that assist in organization of medication and that improve the quality of life. For more information about GMS Automatic Pill Dispensers or other Group Medical Supply, LLC products visit or contact us at 1-855-868-6024 or email:


Contact: Group Medical Supply, LLC                                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Telephone: 1-855-868-6024                                                                                     August 1, 2018


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Wednesday, August 1, 2018