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Hasbro’s Joy for All Brand Acquired by Management-Led Group to Focus on Increasing Impact in the Older Adult Market

Pawtucket, R.I. – May 15, 2018 – A group of former Hasbro employees announced today the launch of Ageless Innovation, LLC, a new company that will focus on developing fun and engaging products that stimulate and foster meaningful connections for older adults. Led by Ageless Innovation’s CEO Ted Fischer, the launch of the company is based on the asset purchase of 100% of the Joy for All business from Hasbro and will begin operations without business interruption.

“Ageless Innovation will leverage the heritage of the Joy for All brand to create meaningful products that address a massive market need,” said Fischer.  “We know that loneliness, social isolation and all forms of cognitive decline are rising at epidemic rates for older adults. Focusing 100% on this amazing population, coupled with our experience and partnerships in the longevity market, will help expand our strategy of increasing fun and joy while positively impacting quality of life and lowering healthcare costs for aging loved ones and their family caregivers.”

The founding Ageless Innovation team is the core group that led the innovation, incubation, launch, and growth of the Joy for All business inside of Hasbro.

“Since Hasbro launched the Joy for All brand two years ago, it has made a positive impact in the lives of seniors,” said Hasbro, Inc. President John Frascotti. “The Joy for All team and countless members across the Hasbro organization worked hard to launch this new brand, and we wish the Ageless Innovation team the very best in taking this business to the next level.”

The Ageless Innovation co-founders, Ted Fischer, Andrew Jeas, Tom Canterino and Meghan Gamboa are seasoned business leaders and proven entrepreneurs. Over the past three years, the team has been immersed in the older adult market and has overseen every aspect of the Joy for All brand, including global strategy, brand creation, product design and development, marketing and sales.

Working with partners across healthcare, academia, senior living, advocacy and organizations focused on cognitive decline, the Ageless Innovation team is focused on scaling the success of the Joy for All brand to positively impact the lives of aging loved ones and their caregivers around the world.

About Ageless Innovation

The Ageless Innovation team is passionate about the older adult market. We have been inspired by the impact our products have had to date and are motivated to leverage our rapid brand adoption and validated impact to scale Joy for All into the leading brand reducing cost of care through fun, joy and play products that create meaningful connections for older adults.



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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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