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HGS Healthcare Introduces HGS Aging in Place™ and Falls Prevention, two Holistic, Clinically Evidenced, and Technology-led Supports for Seniors Living Longer

Denver, March 17, 2022: HGS Healthcare announced today the introduction of HGS Aging in Place™ and Falls Prevention solutions, two specialized, end-to-end program and service platforms that enable individuals to age on their own terms in their own homes by leveraging a proprietary frailty assessment and by deploying individualized interventions to address frailty, cognitive decline, loneliness, activities of daily living (ADLs), home and transportation issues, and coordination of healthcare needs. The solutions will be featured at the Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference, March 21 to 23 in Raleigh.

“Seniors require a different approach to healthcare. Life expectancy is increasing, and seniors are consuming healthcare services at an unprecedented rate,” said Ramesh Gopalan, Chief Executive Officer of HGS Healthcare. “Aging in place requires a full spectrum of proactive, flexible, and interconnected supports to enable seniors to avoid frailty and live more comfortable lives. Our Aging in Place solution prioritizes high-quality, well-coordinated, in-home support with the use of modern tools for seniors, caregivers, and insurance plans. Our Falls Prevention solution focuses on not just reducing the fall risk of the elders, but also provides support to prevent frailty from setting in.”

“The HGS Aging in Place solution integrates powerful analytics, empathetic healthcare specialists, workflows, and community partners to ensure that members, caregivers, payers, providers, and partners are working in sync to enable seniors to live at home longer,” added Krithika Srivats, SVP Healthcare Practice Office. “Recognizing that fall risk increases with age and frailty is a strong predictor of facility admissions, we’ve developed the Falls Prevention solution to reduce risk of falls, improve outcomes, and reduce cost of care. Clients including a leading Long Term Care insurance carrier have praised the clinical model and approach that we’ve developed.”


About HGS Healthcare

HGS Healthcare combines technology-powered services with decades of healthcare domain expertise to drive positive outcomes. We optimize the entire member/patient experience through service offerings for clinical, case management, member engagement, provider solutions, payment integrity, claims cost containment, and analytics. HGS Healthcare has more than 21,000 employees across 5 countries and revenues of US$400 million.

Thursday, March 17, 2022


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