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Holistic Labs Launches Digital Butler



Holistic Labs Launches Digital Butler.

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Digital Butler is a downloadable app that creates a complete profile of all connected home digital devices …

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - April 28, 2016) - Holistic Labs, Inc., developers of a platform for digital home technical support, profiling and knowledge management, today announced Digital Butler. A powerful connected home support solution, Digital Butler runs as a downloadable app on a phone, tablet or computer and works in conjunction with a knowledge base and insights engine in the cloud. Digital Butler takes the guesswork out of support and changes connected home economics by driving a marketplace starting with digital home integrators and expanding to CE companies and service providers.


For the first time installers and integrators have a comprehensive tool to remotely and securely troubleshoot smart home networks that doesn't require any extra equipment. "Digital Butler is powerful in how it is simply an app that delivers a complete and collaborative support solution. Before, I had to struggle blindly on the phone with a frustrated client who was often unable to explain the problem, or go onsite to troubleshoot issues using a handful of disparate tools," states Francisco Llosa, Owner, Home Internet Solutions Networks."Now with Digital Butler, customers can securely share their whole home network view allowing me to remotely identify issues and either talk clients through a solution, or with their permission access the network. This easy and practically immediate problem resolution path creates loyalty and referrals both of which are critical to my business success."

Built on a learning platform, Digital Butler is adaptive, vendor-neutral and provides for a single-stop support marketplace. "Supporting connected consumers is increasingly costly given the growing number of devices in broadband households and the growing technical complexity of these households. Parks Associates research shows that the average broadband household now has over eight connected computing and entertainment devices, compared to 4.6 devices in 2010," said Patrice Samuels, Research Analyst at Parks Associates. "More than one-half of consumers now expect support providers to cover multiple device types and brands. Given the growing support demands, support tools that are comprehensive and intelligent, improving in capability and performance with each use, will provide the best Return on Investment (ROI) for support providers."

Digital Butler features such as an automatically generated detailed home digital profile, shared network views for easy collaboration, an ever growing FAQ knowledge-base for consumer electronics, digital threat alerts and permission-based remote access means connectivity problems can easily be identified and quickly tackled. Support professionals like home network installers and integrators can thereby eliminate expensive, time-consuming truck rolls, and with the Digital Butler Agent Scope, have an integrated solution that also includes ticketing and tracking.

To leading LA-based Integrator, Zubuman, quality of service is a key differentiator. "Having to support multiple installations can be extremely time consuming and expensive, especially when you need to visit a customer's home to troubleshoot," exclaims Isaac Saboohi, Zubuman CEO. "Digital Butler provides the efficiency and scalability for new business growth. Being able to resolve 90% of support issues remotely translates into happy clients and increased profitability by spending less resources on post-installation service and focusing those same resources on new projects."

"For immediate problem resolution Digital Butler enables any consumer to quickly and easily self-troubleshoot as well as conveniently reach out to trusted friends, family or professionals without needing to schedule an expensive in-home visit," states Bala Balachander, CEO, Holistic Labs. "As the connected home market grows so does the need for the several tens of thousands of installers and integrators nationwide to efficiently support today's smart home installations as well as easily scale to include the 65 million or so mid-market homes that provide a tremendous business opportunity. Digital Butler orchestrates the various support needs for the consumer and enables home automation professionals as well as CE companies and service providers to significantly reduce the cost and frustration of technical support and take advantage of new digital home opportunities."

The Digital Butler platform and marketplace is being launched nationwide. Interested parties can sign up or learn more by completing the contact form at

About Holistic Labs

As creators of Digital Butler, the Holistic Labs team leverages years of research and development and is committed to delivering powerful support and digital home solutions to catalyze smart home ecosystem growth.

Thursday, April 28, 2016