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HomesRenewed Coalition Mobilizes to Drive 2021 Legislation to Help Older Americans Age in Place and Stave Off Looming Housing Crisis

November 4, 2020, Washington, D.C. - HomesRenewed Coalition, the leading organization championing home updates for living well throughout the modern lifespan, is mobilizing the leaders of the home renovation, homecare, technology, and others serving older Americans living in the community to call on the 117th Congress to include needed tax and other incentives in 2021 legislation. These incentives will enable Americans to upgrade their homes for safety and meet changing needs as well as to help the economy with construction jobs.

“This is a quickly-moving group effort bringing together builders and remodelers, manufacturers and distributors, as well as healthcare providers to ensure that our aging population’s housing needs are understood and addressed in upcoming legislation,” said Louis Tenenbaum, Founder and CEO. “It is urgent that Congress acts. Research shows that more than 80 percent of Americans want to age in place. This is the perfect storm: Covid-19 laid bare the dangers of living in long-term group care facilities, jobs are needed; and healthcare costs are going through the roof. But safe and appropriate housing just isn’t available today. We need government incentives to drive consumers to upgrade their homes now.”

The non-partisan, nation-wide group is growing quickly. Major supporters of this legislative campaign include VGM-LIve at Home, Lifewise Clinical Home Modifications, Accessible Systems, HandyPro, Age Safe America, and Legal Eagle Contractors. 

“We encourage our colleagues to join us in this effort and grow the movement for better, safer housing for older Americans,” said Tenenbaum. Click here for more information and here to join. Or email

 About HomesRenewed Coalition

Aging in place is the most economical, and by far the preferred, housing option for the increasing number of older Americans who reap the benefits of longevity but also face the challenges posed by declining health and fixed incomes. Non-partisan, the HomesRenewed Coalition is the leading organization championing home updates for living well throughout the modern lifespan. Its goal is to increase the number of houses updated for aging in place. Its members include leaders of the sectors that have a stake in making homes safe, including builders and remodelers, manufacturers and distributors, healthcare and homecare providers, technology and medical equipment companies, and others. For more information, please visit:

To learn more about the Coalition’s incentives proposals, please visit:


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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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