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You are here supports the fight to cope with COVID-19

With the global spread of coronavirus, many people are being asked to help protect themselves and their communities through self-isolation. This can be an especially frightening prospect for elderly people that live alone.

Iamfine is announcing that as of today, it is waiving its fees for new customers as its way of supporting the fight to cope with the spread of the virus.

Iamfine is an automated daily phone check-in service that calls a person who lives alone once or twice a day at a predetermined time and prompts them to press 1 to confirm they are ok. If they miss their scheduled check-in, then Iamfine will alert the user's list of friends and family and others by email, text or a call.

“Does anybody know that I am ok?” This can be a real concern for the elderly who are now being asked to socially distance themselves from their community. Iamfine provides the reassurance that their list of prearranged contacts will be alerted if they miss their check-in call even if they can not be in close contact.

Iamfine was created by two brothers caring for their mother in 2012, and has since grown to deliver over 1 million calls. It provides service directly to the public and to organizations that are responsible for the wellbeing of larger groups.

For more information on how Iamfine can assist you or your community, visit and use code APRIL2020.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020


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