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Icon and Caspar AI Partnership Offers a Comprehensive Safety and Engagement Solution to Senior Living Communities

OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 30, 2023) – Icon and Caspar AI are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to leverage Generative AI for improving resident safety and engagement.

Caspar provides a comprehensive 24/7 safety net for residents with passive contactless sensors – no cameras or wearables are needed. Caspar is free for eligible residents and the communities may generate $144,000 in topline revenue for every 100 residents.

With Icon’s engagement and communication platform, the communities can now enhance the experience for their staff, residents and families.

Peace of Mind for Families

Caspar AI provides peace of mind to families by automatically updating them of their loved one’s well being everyday. This functionality augments Icon’s engagement and communication software which optimizes communities’ “Culture and Experience Management” via their resident, staff and family engagement modules.

Caspar’s Generative AI does long-term, longitudinal, data analysis to deliver personalized alerts & treatment care plans. This helps staff know of incidents like fall and provide better care with proactive health insights.

“We see a distinct advantage in pairing Caspar AI with Icon’s community and family engagement products. Caspar AI’s automated safety net provides one more level of assurance for caregivers and peace of mind for families,” says Icon CEO, Ryan Galea. 

24/7 Safety Net for Staff Efficiency

With Caspar, care staff in Assisted and Independent Living can see which residents are up and about using Caspar’s passive sensing based automated check-in functionality. Staff can then prioritize manual check-ins with Icon’s platform for those residents who are not active yet. This frees up hours of staff time each day allowing them to focus on residents who require additional attention.

“Caspar AI is committed to enhancing residents’ safety, while improving care outcomes”, says Caspar AI CEO, Ashutosh Saxena. “The senior care sector is labor-intensive, and technology, especially through collaborations like Caspar AI and Icon, can significantly enhance care while optimizing staff operations. Resident safety is the number one reason that extends the length of stay of the residents.”

“The Icon team recognizes that senior living staff may feel spread thin,” Galea also states, “We are excited to partner with like-minded organizations – such as Caspar AI – to expand the use of meaningful technology for seniors in assisted and independent living communities.” 

How It Works

The Caspar safety solution is free for eligible residents via CPT reimbursements. The Caspar system integrates with Icon’s platform to give a streamlined offering.

You are invited to contact Icon (info@goicon.com) and Caspar AI (info@caspar.ai) to explore options for affordable tech solutions to meet the needs of seniors, staff and families.

About Icon

As of 2023, Icon is evolving into the largest “Culture & Experience Management” software exclusively for senior housing. Icon equips operators with a suite of customizable modules for staff engagement, resident experience, and family peace-of-mind.  The unique technology features enterprise-level analytics and AI to build strategy and fortify culture, mitigate risk, support NOI, and provide transparency for investors and owners.  With 2000+ deployments nationwide, Icon’s platform and white-glove customer service yields impressive results:

50% and 20% increase in family and resident satisfaction scores, respectively within 6 months 

80% reduction in time spent on resident life administrative tasks/~1 FTE reduction per community

80% reduction in printing costs

100% transparency RE: community performance with unique the “Icon Enterprise Dashboard” 

Reduced need for multiple redundant systems (e.g. Illustratus, Canva, ConstantContact, Docusign, SeniorSign, Survey Monkey & more!)

Higher than average key performance indicators for Icon customers:

89.6% occupancy rate

4.5/5 stars on Google reviews

32-month length of stay (for assisted living)

About Caspar.AI

Caspar is an AI-driven health platform that provides a 24/7 safety net around each resident. Their platform empowers the reach of the care staff by providing them with personalized treatment & care plans, personalized alerts. This helps them improve patient care while increasing staff efficiency.

Caspar has helped communities increase their top-line revenue with their safety solution. With seven patents granted, Caspar’s non-intrusive generative AI technology does not require cameras or wearables – yet it produces actionable, coded health observations that qualify for RPM/RTM reimbursements. 

Caspar is deployed nationwide in the US, and has already detected 20,000+ incidents/health observations. As compared to the state of the art, Caspar shows over 10X reduction in detection time, while reducing false alerts by 80%.

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Monday, October 30, 2023


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