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An important update regarding the FallCall Lite App


I'm writing to you today to announce our very latest update from FallCall Lite. We've teamed up with Mytrex, Inc (d.b.a. Rescue Alert) to bring fully-integrated emergency medical monitoring services into the Apple Ecosystem.



When developing FallCall Lite, we wanted to change the way subscribers access the highest quality 24/7 personal emergency monitoring in the country,” said Shea Gregg, MD President of FallCall Solutions. “No longer will users need to fill out paperwork or fax updated subscriber lists to a central monitoring provider. FallCall Lite’s integration with Mytrex allows our customers to sign-up, change responders and maintain their subscriptions-all electronically.”


FallCall Lite is a new, comprehensive Personal Emergency Assistant that is available from the Apple App Store® for Free. Standard features include voice activation with Siri®, automatic "Elder Watch Battery Charge" updates for Caregivers, plus "Help Calls" to up to 5 Care Group members, with location and heart rate information. The low-priced central monitor subscription ($14.99) adds access to trained and certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD) 24 hours a day. Additionally, the monitoring service will send situational updates to Care Group members as an emergency event is unfolding.


“It was a natural fit for Mytrex, Inc. to add its 30+ years of emergency medical monitoring services to the solution. We have evaluated countless wearables and other GPS devices designed to call for help, but none of them are as accurate, affordable, and easy to use as FallCall Lite. The Mytrex, Inc. integration enables the utilization of FallCall Lite to extend across a variety of demographics and markets.”


“Mobile devices and wearables are changing the way we communicate, and that trend extends to all age groups,” Gregg continues. “With FallCall Lite and Mytrex integration, now they can have emergency medical dispatcher assistance at their fingertips on these platforms.”


Please consider displaying, forwarding or sharing our FallCall Lite Brochure. Remember, downloading and using the app is FREE!


We thank you in advance for helping to spread the word on this new and innovative Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) app for communication between Elders and their Caregivers.




Shea C. Gregg, MD FACS 

Founder, FallCall Solutions, LLC 






About FallCall Solutions: FallCall Solutions is a premier innovator in simplified telemonitoring solutions for the Apple Ecosystem. By creating automated and accessible applications on the most accepted mobile platforms, we can focus solely on the needs of those most vulnerable to falls to provide peace of mind for our users. For more information, visit


About Mytrex: Mytrex is the leading manufacturer and provider of monitoring service in the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) market in the U.S.A. Mytrex’s systematic approach to designing PERS is unique; Mytrex utilizes its 30+ years of experience designing not only PERS, but also PERS monitoring software and hardware utilized in central stations. Mytrex’s mission is to design and service cutting-edge, reliable and affordable medical alert solutions which improve the quality of life for customers and caregivers. For more information, visit



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Thursday, August 16, 2018