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Independa Addresses COVID Social Isolation Epidemic

Today, Independa, providers of award winning, TV-based remote engagement and care solutions, announced a special program for homecare organizations seeking to impact the lives of our elderly during this COVID epidemic.

"I’ve looked at the technology that Independa offers and spoken with home care agency owners who use it. I consider it one of the premier solutions to patient care at a time when so many have to isolate,” said Tim Rowan, editor of Home Care Technology and The Rowan Report. “Maintaining social engagement, staying in touch with family and clinicians, is as critical to the well-being of homebound elderly persons as medicine and bandages. Independa is a simple, effective way to keep everyone connected."

With many millions of Americans over 65 already dealing with some level of depression, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), quarantine and social isolation are posing serious concerns for this segment of the population.

Independa’s simple to install-and-use technology is vital to homecare now more than ever, providing optimal engagement through the simplicity of a person’s TV. It connects the elderly in their homes, or in senior living communities, with loved ones and care providers through video chat, messaging, picture sharing, calendar reminders and many more beneficial features.

In conjunction with this program, Fox and Associates, a leading provider of homecare services in Sonoma County, formally announced their technology partnership with Independa today in order to address COVID-19 challenges for the elderly in Sonoma County.

“This epidemic has strained the mental health of the elderly, whether residing in their homes or in senior living communities. In senior living communities, COVID protocols are preventing visitations from friends and family, or even the opportunity to have a meal with friends in the dining area. Without Independa, the resulting acute social isolation, loneliness and often clinical depression can itself bring about major health challenges,” said Cheryl Fox, Founder and CEO of Fox and Associates Homecare.

Independa’s technology is advantageous during the COVID-19 crisis, and also relevant moving forward as the U.S. Census Bureau predicts the number of elderly Americans to increase from 47.8 million to 98.2 million, more than doubling by 2026.


For more information, visit Independa’s website. You can also check out 0:00-2:15 and 10:46-12:33 in the episode Independa did on the Home Care Technology Report Podcast with Tim Rowan.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020


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