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Independa and Coro Health to deliver Spiritual Support Programs on LG TVs

Independa, an award-winning TV-based platform providing simplified remote engagement, education and care, and Coro Health LLC, the leading provider of therapeutic music and spiritual support in the healthcare industry, today announced a global strategic partnership to bring FaithFirst to the Independa Health Hub — an integrated ecosystem of healthy offerings — on 2021 and 2022 LG Electronics televisions.

The Independa Health Hub provides consumers with bi-directional, easy to use video chat that allows users to connect with family and friends as well as healthcare providers, all in the comfort of their homes through their LG televisions. In addition to its communication capabilities, the Independa Health Hub also provides valuable wellness services and entertainment programming.

“Clinical research continues to show the benefits of spiritual support and we are proud and excited to be partnering with Coro Health to bring FaithFirst to millions of homes, empowering our customers to stay socially and clinically engaged, all from their familiar TV screen and the comfort of their home,” said Kian Saneii, founder and CEO of Independa.

FaithFirst is an inter-faith digital therapeutic streaming service providing individualized spiritual support continuity for people in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, long-term care, treatment centers and aging-in place communities. FaithFirst draws from a broad spectrum of faith and wisdom traditions (Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, General Spirituality, Jewish, Native American & Islamic) to offer prayers, hymns, bible studies, meditations, sacred texts, education, interactive spiritual exercises and more.

“I've known Coro Health for the past decade — they are unique as research-based leaders providing high quality content (both music and spiritual) for older adults, whether in facilities or at home,” said Laurie Orlov, Principal Analyst at Aging and Health Technology Watch.

“This is a giant leap forward for the vision of FaithFirst,” said David Schofman, Co-Founder of Coro Health. “For the last decade we have focused on providing spiritual support to millions of individuals within healthcare communities. With this partnership, we can now reach millions more who may have been displaced from their spiritual community or are choosing to age in place.”

About The Independa Health Hub
Unlike other communications platforms and apps, The Independa Health Hub is the only health resource integrated seamlessly within the WebOS operating system of LG Electronics (KRX: 066570) televisions. The Independa Health Hub notifies viewers of important communications, events and reminders while watching TV, from any channel and while on any input, including while watching streaming, satellite or cable content, or playing games. This functionality helps users easily switch to important tele-appointments, receive medication reminders and read messages from loved ones or professionals with the click of a button.

Some Health Hub apps include:
● Two-way video calls with loved ones and doctors -- social and clinical all in one (free)
● 24/7 doctor tele-visits
● 24/7 dental tele-visits
● 24/7 mental health tele-visits
● Games
● Pharmacy Rx discounts
● Medical grade health videos
● Wellness and exercise videos that cater to every ability level
● At home lab tests
● Message sharing
● Photo sharing
● Dental discount offering
● Entertainment programming

About Coro Health
Founded in 2009, Coro Health, is a digital therapeutics company based in Austin, Texas and is the leading provider of therapeutic music and spiritual support programs within the healthcare industry. The company’s two flagship products, MusicFirst and FaithFirst are delivered to millions of users daily in over 5,000 locations. Coro Health’s patented Music Prescription™ building technology has been clinically proven to create programs that reduce agitation and depression. For more information, please visit http://www.corohealth.com/or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

About Independa
Founded in 2009, Independa, Inc, is the innovator of the award-winning TV-based social engagement, education and care platform. Through its software subscription platform, Independa enables the best yet most simplified remote engagement for those most difficult to reach, most socially isolated, and most expensive to care for — whether professionally or through family and friends. Independa transforms a person’s standard TV into a bi-directional engagement window to the world, enabling caregivers and loved ones alike to connect with the TV through a standard browser or an iOS or Android app. For senior living communities, homecare organizations and hospitals, Independa improves residents’ quality of life and care, while increasing organizational effectiveness and operational efficiencies across the care continuum. Independa helps people stay at their residence of choice longer, safer and more comfortably, delaying or even preventing the next episode or stage of care, delivering on the joys and possibilities of a Life, Connected™. Connect with Independa on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Wednesday, June 1, 2022


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