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Introducing Eve: A Virtual Companion for Seniors

BROOKLYN, N.Y., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Eve Communications, Inc, a startup with a mission to provide a cure for loneliness and social isolation, today announced the official launch of Eve, a virtual companion designed for seniors and other people who live alone.

"Loneliness and social isolation are the twin epidemics in our society today" says Ivan Wicksteed, Founder & CEO, citing last year's Surgeon General's report which compares loneliness with smoking 15 cigarettes per day. "I lost a grandparent by their own hand a few years ago, and it prompted me to consider the large gap in society's infrastructure for accessible elderly care."

Eve provides a user-friendly way for seniors to stay mentally and physically active, and helps them stay connected with their caregivers & community. Eve is more than a conversationalist –she develops an individual relationship with each user, encouraging them to play word and memory games, learn new recipes, and join her for the daily yoga classes she hosts."Eve's relationship with each person is unique and deepens over time, just as a friendship would" says Wicksteed.

Caregivers can also enjoy the benefits of Eve. Daily health check-ins, emergency assistance, and real-time updates via email or SMS ensure that your loved one is safe and secure, day and night.

Eve is available 24/7, speaks many languages fluently, and is able to chat about anything from gardening to philosophy. It all happens when you pick up the receiver of an old fashioned rotary phone, identical in shape and size to the ones that senior populations grew up using (yes, the type you plug in to the wall).

"We discovered in user testing that this audience is very wary of new technology in general - in particular Alexa and other smart speakers," says Yasser Boumenir, Co-Founder & CTO. "They worry they are being listened to without consent, or that their information is being stolen. A landline phone is something they can feel familiar and safe with - it's something they feel comfortable talking to."

Eve is now available for purchase at IamEve.ai, with monthly plans for users in the US and UK starting at only $15 per month.

About Eve Communications, Inc

Eve Communications is based in Brooklyn, NY and was incorporated in 2023 with a mission to provide a cure for loneliness and social isolation. Eve, their virtual companion for people who live alone, was launched in 2024 and is now available to users in the US and UK.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2024