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Kalogon Launches the First and Only Smart Wheelchair Cushion Designed to Alleviate Pain and Deliver Personalized, Longer-lasting Comfort   

MELBOURNE, Fla. (February 8, 2022) - Approximately half of wheelchair users will develop pressure injuries in their lifetimes, yet the cushions people use today were invented before the personal computer. With a team of former SpaceX, NASA and Northrop Grumman employees, Kalogon today launched the world’s first smart wheelchair cushion designed to support the healing and prevention of pressure injuries and improve comfort for extended wheelchair use. 

With more than 3 million wheelchair users in the U.S. growing with an aging population, Kalogon’s mission is to empower this underserved community with a personalized experience they deserve. Leveraging their experience in aerospace design, Kalogon’s patent-pending intelligent pressure sensors analyze pressure points in real-time and intelligently redistribute weight to alleviate pain, accelerate healing of pressure injuries - also known as pressure sores or bedsores - and deliver longer-lasting comfort. A connected app for iOS and Android enables wheelchair users, caregivers and clinicians to browse Kalogon comfort presets or customize and upload their preferred settings to personalize their smart cushion and optimize pain relief. 

“Wheelchairs haven’t changed substantially for decades, and we believe that by improving the cushion, we can address the biggest pain points for wheelchair users,” said Tim Balz, founder and CEO of Kalogon. “Early Kalogon users have already reported significant improvement in overall comfort and wellness, gaining a greater sense of freedom to live more active lives.” 

Wheelchair users in Kalogon’s Early Adopter Program reported the ability to sit 2x longer with the Kalogon Smart Cushion than they typically could when using a traditional inflatable wheelchair cushion. Early users who had pressure injuries also saw accelerated healing and a reduction in skin breakdown. 

“I am digging in my garden again,” said John Miller, a wheelchair user of 18 years and one of Kalogon’s first users. “With Kalogon Smart Cushion, I was able to take a roadtrip to see my grandchildren for the first time.”

“This needs to be the standard of care,” said Meghan Guy, owner of Salus Assisted Living and whose residents were early Kalogon users. “Seeing my residents sit a little taller and experience something they otherwise couldn’t means that Kalogon is giving them more than comfort and also the independence and freedom they deserve.”

Not only was Kalogon designed for wheelchair users and the disabled community, but it is also being manufactured in partnership with BAC, a Florida-based nonprofit focused on employing people with disabilities. Kalogon worked closely with the teams at BAC to produce the Kalogon Smart Cushion, gathering feedback to optimize and reduce production times - a win for assembly technicians, Kalogon and consumers.

“We are very excited for this new partnership, and Kalogon, to grow,” said Amar Patel, BAC president and CEO. “We know that the assembly of this innovative product here at BAC will create opportunities that will instill job pride and showcase the light manufacturing skills of our employees with disabilities, while creating a product that is saving the lives of injured veterans and people with disabilities across the country.” 

Kalogon Smart Cushions are custom made to each individual’s specifications and needs, starting at $2,000. Many early users who are disabled veterans have been able to get the Kalogon Smart Cushion covered through VA benefits. Customers and caregivers can download the Kalogon app for free for iOS and Android and receive a dedicated team member to support with installation and customization in addition to expert coaching programs and resources designed to support in managing and reducing pain long term. 

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About Kalogon

Kalogon is the world's first smart wheelchair cushion maker. Using patent-pending air cell technology, Kalogon’s cushions have improved comfort in case studies. Kalogon custom manufactures in partnership with BAC, a social enterprise dedicated to building communities that support members of unique abilities in growing their own personal success. The Kalogon Smart Cushion is available for wheelchair users, facilities, and clinicians. Learn more at

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022


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