Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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You are here™ Launches New Ultra-Low Power WiFi Personal Safety System For Seniors has launched the first all battery-powered, all ultra-low power WiFi personal safety system, focused on protecting seniors who are living independently.  The system uses patented technology that allows for fast installation and easy access by seniors and caregivers.   The unique approach employs has been recognized at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where made the finals of the LaunchIt CES 2015 startup competition.

lert.lyhas married great Internet Of Things (IoT) technology with powerful cloud-based monitoring and alerting services,” said John McKinley, founder of “Every device we offer uses WiFi to communicate.  That allows us to have a single technology approach that can scale up from serving an apartment, to a building, even to an entire campus.  Solutions that use older home automation approaches for communicating, like ZigBee® and Z-wave®, are dead-end approaches that can’t easily scale to serve multi-resident needs.” offers industry leading products, like its WiFi-based safety intercom that works for over a year on a 9 volt battery. The wall communicator can be mounted in minutes, anywhere an emergency button is needed.  The wall communicator is complemented by’s wearable emergency button and activity tracker. 

“Any personal safety solution needs to have both fixed and wearable elements, to provide comprehensive coverage.” said John McKinley,  “Our wearable pendant provides a campus-wide emergency button that works for months on a single charge.  More importantly, it also incorporates important functions like automated fall detection, daily activity tracking, wireless charging, and the ability to find lost or misplaced devices.  On top of that, it’s comfortable and unobtrusive. Think of it as a ‘Fitbit®-like’ device for seniors.”


lert.lyis a company building new hardware and software solutions to allow seniors to live independently longer.’s unique solutions use advanced wearable and wall mounted battery-powered wifi sensors and emergency buttons, making installation and use both simple and cost-efficient.  We are bringing the best of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to the personal safety market. Visit to learn more about us. This week, you can see™ live during CES at our booth in the Sands Convention Center, Eureka Park, #75770.


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Tuesday, January 6, 2015