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Link-age Connect Industry Study Finds Younger, More Mobile Consumers Will Drive Future Demand for Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

Link-age Connect Industry Study Finds Younger, More Mobile Consumers Will Drive Future Demand for Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

Numera Libris Extends Beyond Safety to Personal Health Management, Enabling a Broader Range of Adults to Live Healthier, Independent Lives

SEATTLE, March 12, 2013 – The results of a recently released study between Link-age Connect and Aging in Place Technology Watch concludes that technological advancements, such as those found in Numera Libris, will drive the PERS market expansion toward a younger, more mobile group who are interested in managing their health while living an active lifestyle.

“Next Generation Response Systems – From Fear to Function” is based on a survey of more than 1,100 adults over the age of 55 to validate assumptions about today’s PERS users and forward-looking implications for the industry based on insights from thought leaders. The report will be highlighted during the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit today in Chicago.

"The next generation of response systems are based on an integrated technology platform that can communicate information that matters most to the consumer and those who care about them,” said Laurie Orlov, Principal Analyst on the report. “Our research indicates the traditional base of users is expanding to include more mobile and active users who want to track their biometrics and other health information. This type of information can be collected, for instance, through the Numera Libris platform.”

Numera Libris is an integrated technology platform, a “Personal Health Gateway”, that integrates safety functions including mobile emergency response services, two-way voice, automated fall detection, and location tracking with telehealth functionality. Numera offers Libris to channel partners enabling them to expand their services with “Care Anywhere” health and safety monitoring both inside and outside of the home. As the boomer population ages, the concept of “Care Anywhere” is becoming increasingly important for adults looking to manage chronic conditions while maintaining independent lives.

“Our goal with Numera Libris is to help people living with chronic conditions achieve measurably better health,” said Tim Smokoff, CEO of Numera. “Advances in wireless technology, activity sensors and biometric monitoring have enabled us to create this comprehensive mobile solution to better address the needs of today’s active adults – from personal safety to management of chronic conditions. “

Numera Libris will connect with the Numera NetTM telehealth+telecare platform, which enables an individual to upload biometric measurements from a variety of wireless health devices. They can then quickly, easily and securely send that information via either PC or Numera’s Home Hub to their extended health care team, including family, friends, and healthcare professionals.

"The tight integration of patient-centric devices, content, applications, biometric data, and mobility meets the growing need of many customer segments to expand their services on a single platform,” said Terry Duesterhoeft, President Teralin Health, Former President of Honeywell HomMed, and thought leader interviewed in the report. “Numera appears well positioned to support this."

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Numera (www.numera.com) works with partners to achieve measurably better health and wellness for those in their care through encouragement, support and accountability. The company combines the power of caregivers, friends and peer groups, subjective and objective health information, and the ability to make this information actionable via extensible, scalable, and custom-branded solutions. These solutions extend beyond traditional emergency response to home health management, population care management and social engagement – all based on Numera’s telehealth+telecare platform.

Numera is headquartered in Seattle, with corporate offices in Mountain View, CA, Orlando, FL, and Camberley, UK.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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