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Magnolia Prime Releases Revealing Survey about Home Care's Use of Technology

September 9, 2011
For Immediate Release
Karen Routt
(650) 472-3775

Magnolia Prime Releases Revealing Survey about
Home Care's Use of Technology


REDWOOD CITY, CA - September 9, 2011 - Magnolia Prime recently partnered with Tim Rowan's Home Care Technology Report (HCTR) to survey management and clinicians in the home care industry about their use of technology. Out of the survey came the Home Care Technology Report 2011 Technology Utilization Survey. Says Magnolia Prime's Founder and CEO Karen Routt, "We knew that some providers have used technology-oriented patient support systems (i.e., not billing or back off systems, etc.) for several years, but we wanted to get a better handle on where use, value and investment are heading."


The Home Care Technology Report 2011 Technology Utilization Survey is available free of charge through Magnolia Prime's website. The URL for download is

Some of the key highlights include:

  • All of the technologies addressed in the survey offer home health care providers significant benefits on multiple dimensions, according to respondents whose organizations have adopted or plan to adopt them.
  • Despite the potential benefits of all the technologies covered in the survey, adoption rates vary considerably, ranging from 10% - 94%.
  • A majority of respondents whose organizations use these technologies report a moderate to high degree of satisfaction and/or benefit realized by their organizations and/or patients.
  • Half or more respondents say their organization has no future plans to purchase, replace or upgrade any of the technologies addressed in the survey.

"We learned that use of point-of-care software and home telehealth systems are on the rise in home care and hospice," said HCTR Editor Tim Rowan, "which is encouraging in an era of increasing competition and shrinking payment rates."


"The Magnolia Prime platform can help ease agencies into the adoption of technology. On the other hand, it can complement telehealth services utilized by agencies that were early adopters; we provide an alternative to telehealth equipment, monitoring and costs when a patient's needs are not as involved," Karen remarked. She noted, "our system allows us to customize solutions for agencies and increase patient contact in a cost-effective manner with hardly any impact on staff who use the platform. Magnolia Prime can easily relay a patient's concerns about health or anxiety to staff, thus leading to a patient feeling more secure. Fortunately, the telephone is the only technology needed by the patient."  


Please contact Karen Routt or Tim Rowan for more information about the survey.     

About Magnolia Prime

Magnolia Prime developed the patent-pending Telebeneficiary™ Service, a scheduled voice messaging product, that helps home health care agencies and other health care organizations supporting the elderly improve productivity and quality.  It is a telephone-based, simplified form of telehealth that supports the well-being of the elderly and supports their independence.  For more information about Magnolia Prime, Inc., please visit Magnolia Prime's website  

About Home Care Technology Report


Home Care Technology Report has been covering technology news for home care and hospice providers since 1995.  Under Editor and Publisher Tim Rowan, it was converted to an online, advertiser supported, weekly newsletter in 2005 and is delivered at no charge to over 5,000 subscribers 48 times per year.  Read this week's top stories and request a free subscription at

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Monday, September 12, 2011


Like most business owners, homecare managers are always on the lookout for tools that will improve their business by saving money, improving efficiency or attracting new clients. The technology of care management software is one tool that more and more in-home elder care agency owners are finding is indispensable. Professional caregivers face unique challenges as they often care for multiple clients and must remember the best practices of care for a wide array of situations. This applies to individuals acting as home health aides, all the way up the chain to nurses and doctors treating a vast array of illnesses.


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