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Ōmcare® unveils its Home Health Hub at HIMSS20

 Ōmcare® announced today that it will preview its soon-to-be-released Ōmcare Home Health Hub™ at the HIMSS20 Global Health Conference March 9-13 in Orlando, FL. HIMSS20 attendees can visit booth 6493 to see how the Ōmcare Home Health Hub can improve medication adherence for aging adults and people with chronic, complex health conditions.

Ōmcare is a Minnesota-based digital health company that aims to extend the reach of caregivers and improve medication adherence and outcomes through its Ōmcare Home Health Hub, which gives caregivers of all types – from physicians and pharmacists to home care providers or family members – the ability to see and speak to elderly or disabled dependents and confirm compliance with medication treatment plans from anywhere. The easy-to-use Ōmcare system is designed to serve as a conduit for telehealth and virtual care services. Ōmcare facilitates remote monitoring and interaction via the audiovisual interface and provides confirmation of a patient’s actions and status, which supports and gives family members greater peace of mind.

The two-way video capabilities of the Ōmcare Home Health Hub allow individual caregivers or senior living facilities to ensure proper medication adherence through visual confirmation of right medication, right person, right time – from anywhere – which can significantly impact quality of life and clinical outcomes while reducing health care costs.

“We’ve seen a growing interest in technology that extends the reach of caregivers and enables remote care, from anywhere,” said Lisa Lavin, founder and CEO of Ōmcare. “Our research shows that the marketplace is ready for the Ōmcare Home Health Hub and that utilization of this technology has the potential to change the way the world cares by reducing the burden and cost of caregiving and improving outcomes and quality of life for patients.”

Ōmcare earned its third patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (U.S. Patent No. 10,347,377) for the company’s web-enabled, audiovisual, medication-dispensing telemedicine system for the home in 2019. The device made its official debut at the Leading Age Annual Conference and Expo late last year, where it earned nods from industry media as an “emerging technology in the caregiving space.” Ōmcare was also recently named among the “20 Hottest Flyover Tech Companies” by The New York Observer, based on insights from a panel of healthcare and business experts at the 38th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

To learn more, visit https://www.omcare.com. To schedule a meeting with the Ōmcare team during HIMSS20, email info@omcare.com.


Monday, February 17, 2020