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MedaCube enables older adults to take multiple medications on time

MedaCube enables older adults to take multiple medications on time

Device can reduce nursing home admissions, emergency room visits and medical costs

ROCHESTER, New York, April 10, 2017-- The MedaCube, an FDA-approved intelligent medication dispenser, is now available to help older adults take multiple medications on time and consistently, enabling them to stay healthy and live independently.

Twenty-million adults over age 65 have two or more chronic health conditions, which can require complicated medication protocols that are often hard to manage. Improper medication adherence results in 22 percent of nursing home admissions, 10 percent of emergency room visits and $300B in unnecessary medical costs annually.

The MedaCube is the most technologically advanced solution for medication adherence. The toaster-sized, bulk-loaded cube can hold a 90-day supply of up to 16 medications and dispense each dose at the correct time. It's easily programmed using its friendly interface.

Late for a dose? After 10 minutes, the patient gets a phone call. If an hour goes by, authorized relatives get a text alert. Among its many features, the MedaCube makes sure to never run out of pills; it keeps track of the supply and lets the patient or caregiver know in plenty of time to get refills.

"As a neurologist for the past 25 years, my pain point has been medication non-adherence among patients," said Dr. Michel J. Berg, founder and Chief Medical Officer of the MedaCube. "I knew I needed to create a solution to reduce preventable medical complications that result in suffering, hospitalizations and a need for more intensive care."

The MedaCube is available online at


About MedaCube

MedaCube aims to extend patient independence and reduce health care system costs. It is a 10-inch cube designed for ease-of-use by even the most compromised patients who need help taking their medication as prescribed. Inside, a sophisticated vacuum pick-and-place robot acquires pills from up to 16 bins bulk- loaded with an average 90-day supply of medications.

About Dr. Michel J. Berg

Dr. Michel J. Berg is founder and Chief Medical Officer of MedaCube, and Professor of Neurology and Director of the UR Medicine Epilepsy Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

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Monday, April 17, 2017