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MedMinder Re-engineers the Pharmacy with Release of First Telemedicine-Enabled Pill Dispenser

Innovative pharmacy MedMinder, announced, today, the introduction of the first automatic pill dispenser with telemedicine capabilities focused on the elderly and chronically ill. The release comes at a time when these individuals are increasingly relying on remote medical solutions to meet their medical needs while allowing them to maintain their independence.

Non-adherence to prescription medication is a medical health crisis leading to 125,000 annual deaths and often requiring the elderly to enter assisted living facilities. With the need brought on by the coronavirus to isolate vulnerable populations for their own safety, there is a dire need for a solution to monitor medication intake from afar and provide remote medical care, and peace of mind for their families. 

MedMinder delivers the patient's medication to their door, in pre-organized daily trays for the entire month. The tray slides directly into the smart pill dispenser which unlocks only one capsule of medications at the prescribed time. If the user doesn’t take the medication even after receiving alerts, a family member is notified. With the new MedMinder dispenser, the pharmacist is only one-click away by featuring a full touch screen that allows users to connect with medical professionals and caregivers, view information about their medication, and connect third-party devices such as blood pressure machines, scales, and thermometers via Bluetooth. It also allows for the patient’s family to upload photos to the device remotely to help them feel connected from afar.

“We have seen five years of advances in telemedicine over the past three months,” said Eran Shavelsky, founder and CEO of MedMinder Pharmacy. “It is of national importance to keep the elderly at home and out of assisted living facilities - but at the same time, to make sure they are taking their medications and receiving medical care while still staying connected to the pharmacist and family. Our device and services meet all those needs which is why I’m so gratified we are able to release it now.”

MedMinder is licensed to provide services across the United States and currently has thousands of patients. MedMinder is also approved by Medicaid and most insurance companies, so there is no additional cost to the service beyond the standard co-pay. 

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020


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