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MobileHelp Adds Needed Style to Medical Alert Bracelets

With the Baby Boomer generation moving into their golden years, the need for medical alert systems is on the rise. But the designs of these systems haven't changed in years, creating a stigma for those who may need one, but don’t necessarily want to admit it.

This year, MobileHelp is hoping to change that by introducing a set of stylish medical alert systems designed to look like common jewelry, as well as a base system that looks less like a medical alert box and more like a tablet.

The new alert systems are small, round discs that can be clipped onto watchbands or necklaces, and link to a nearby smartphone via Bluetooth. Simply press the disc and location information is sent to a 24-hour emergency center, then two-way communication with an operator is activated.


Gone are the clunky white boxes of past medical alert bracelets.

The company claims to respond to a medical emergency every seven minutes, and that's only expected to increase as more and more Americans become senior citizens. With ninety-two percent of seniors dealing with at least one chronic condition, and the fact that one in three seniors will fall in any given year (forty percent outside the home), MobileHelp is looking to permanently reduce the negative perception of medical alert systems.

The company's design goals revolve around four key principles: minimal detail, timelessness, simplicity, and elegance. The result is a sleek, black design that should appeal to fashion-conscious seniors, or even younger patients with chronic medical conditions.

The company is also rolling out a new base unit later this year designed to blend into the home environment. The new base will include a touchscreen, two-way voice response, and will even allow doctors to monitor vitals or schedule a live meeting via video chat.

New base units are set to go into production this year, but the new mobile devices and app are available today. Prices vary depending on the package, and do require a monthly subscription fee.

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Monday, June 6, 2016