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MobileHelp® Announces Partnership with LifePod

BOCA RATON, Fla. – August 28, 2018 – MobileHelp®, a leader in mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) and healthcare technology, announced today an exclusive partnership with LifePod Solutions, pioneer of a natural, proactive voice service for older adults aging at home as well as patients and their caregivers.

The partnership will provide customers with access to the MobileHelp emergency response system and LifePod’s proactive voice dialog management platform through popular smart home speakers such as the Alexa-enabled Echo from Amazon.

With the addition of MobileHelp emergency response, LifePod will be able to provide a voice-enhanced caregiving experience for consumers and their loved ones: without any additional hardware, people will be able to summon the help they need – be it a family member or an emergency response service – to their location by simply using their voice.

“This is a further extension of our push to provide a more proactive solution for consumers who want to build emergency response capabilities into their ongoing health and wellness systems,” said Rob Flippo, CEO of MobileHelp. “Our partnership with LifePod will allow us to collectively deliver the first fully-integrated, voice-enhanced emergency response system and virtual caregiver, designed to empower people who want to live independently as long as possible and to provide greater peace of mind to their loved ones.”

According to Laurie Orlov, founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch, “LifePod takes voice-first services a step further. It will allow users to engage with the device, much like Alexa, but LifePod will also periodically and proactively check in with them independent of a wake word or voice prompt, at preprogrammed intervals saying, for example: ‘Good morning, Nancy. Did you take your medication?’”

LifePod expands the capabilities of popular smart speakers with voice user interface technology that makes it easy for caregivers to configure personalized voice dialogs for their patients and loved ones, with the following benefits:

  • A natural, two-way voice interface – both reactive and proactive
  • Caregiver-configured check-ins and healthy-behavior reminders
  • Friendly, personalized voice-based dialogues

“We are excited to partner with MobileHelp to bring the first-ever, proactive-voice, virtual caregiver to market to address the needs of aging adults aging-in-place and other patients and their caregivers, whether they be remote family members or healthcare professionals” said Stuart Patterson, CEO of LifePod.  “Millions of paid and unpaid caregivers are in desperate need of this type of easy-to-use yet powerful service to help them monitor and care for their clients and loved ones when they can’t be there in person.” 

The first version of the MobileHelp emergency response-enabled LifePod service will be available in Q1 of 2019. 


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About MobileHelp:

Headquartered in the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University, MobileHelp is a leading provider of mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and health management solutions. MobileHelp’s PERS devices are integrated with nationwide wireless voice, data and GPS technology to provide real-time medical alert monitoring services and expedited personal emergency assistance. In addition, MobileHelp offers proactive health management services such as activity tracking, medication reminders and a telehealth platform, MobileVitals, for both consumers and healthcare providers. For more information about MobileHelp, please call 1-800-989-9863 or visit the company website at www.MobileHelp.com.

About LifePod Solutions

LifePod Solutions is improving the quality of life for caregivers and their loved ones and clients by providing proactive-voice, intelligent and connected services to support aging adults as they age-in-place. LifePod’s easy-to-use voice service expands the capabilities of popular smart speakers with patent-pending innovative technology and service that provides natural voice dialogs, configured and controlled by remote caregivers using an online portal. The LifePod Family Caregiver service offers proactive, voice-based check-ins and reminders, and encourages users to access other online services (e.g., music, weather, therapy, etc.) to enhance their day and help them feel more connected. The LifePod team, led by veterans in virtual assistant technology, speech recognition, IoT sensors and online services for aging adults, works closely with families, professional caregivers, and senior living facilities to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of long-term care. To learn more or sign up for the LifePod Beta Program, visit https://lifepod.com.



Tuesday, August 28, 2018