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The New Caspar.AI Care App Makes Caregivers More Effective

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 8, 2023 (Newswire.com) - Caspar.AI has launched a new app for caregivers in collaboration with three clients: The Forest at Duke, NC; Heritage at Lyngblomsten, MN; and Ascension Living. The application gives caregivers behavioral data about their residents at their fingertips, making them exponentially more effective.

"We reduced nightly visits by staff with Caspar.AI. This increased our operating efficiency AND improved resident care, both at the same time," said Kelly Fieldhouse, Memory Care Director, United Methodist Communities at Bristol Glen.

This dual benefit is made possible with the new app from Caspar. In working with providers across the country, Caspar's app provides a real-time view of residents' behavioral data and generates an incident alert when they are in need of assistance. It lets staff do more each day, eliminating unnecessary visits and providing care to those who need it on time.

The Caspar app is driven by non-intrusive sensing and AI that predicts resident behavioral data without the use of wearables or cameras. The app is customized for different levels of living.

Automated Check-ins and Incident Alerting at Residential Independent Living

Traditionally, the check-in process is labor intensive - in many communities, it takes 4-5 hours walking the halls to check door tags.

With Caspar's ambient sensing, no resident or staff interaction is required to complete the check-in process. Check-in is complete when residents perform a daily routine like going to the kitchen. Using the Caspar app, staff completes check-ins in under 30 minutes, as they have to physically visit only a few apartments. This makes caregivers 10X more effective.

Health Insights for Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Health Centers

For a caregiver to know when and how a resident should be attended to is crucial to be effective at providing care. Caspar's app has a real-time dashboard that provides pertinent resident health information at caregivers' fingertips. It guides their interaction, whether it be about the amount of sleep, bathroom visits, or when a resident needs help due to restlessness or a fall.

Personalized care is key to promoting resident autonomy. Residents in need of support receive prompt attention as staff is notified quickly via the Caspar app. In the case of memory care residents, who are often unable to voice their needs, the Caspar app can "speak" to staff through data.  

"Physicians & Caregivers create interventions based on data and revise care plans," Lee Ann Bailey-Clayton, Health Services Director, The Forest at Duke. Numerous data points collected by Caspar can be indicative of potential underlying health issues, i.e., frequent bathroom visits, insomnia, restlessness, etc. The observations provided by the Caspar app serve as the foundation for modifying care plans.

A more efficient and better-equipped staff equates to better resident care. Communities that have faced staffing and information challenges in the past are finding that the implementation of the Caspar.AI app can be a great solution.

Source: Caspar.ai



Wednesday, March 8, 2023


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