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New Generation Mobile Personal Emergency Response System – An Android™ App named Mobile HERO 24-7

Charlotte, NC, – ARCI Enterprises will soon be releasing a new generation Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (MPERS), an Android™ Mobile Application named Mobile HERO 24-7. ARCI will provide the Mobile HERO 24-7 application to active senior adults and others, of all ages, who can benefit from its unique features.   Mobile HERO 24-7 will be downloaded for FREE onto a subscriber’s Android™ mobile phone once the subscriber has signed up for an affordably priced 24-7 Live Operator emergency monitoring service.  If a potential subscriber does not already have an Android™ Mobile Phone, they can purchase one at a huge discount or receive a free phone, with a 2 year contract from Verizon™, T-Mobile™ or Sprint™ on the Mobile HERO 24-7 website.  When downloaded, the application runs in the background on the Mobile Phone so the subscriber can continue to use all of the features on their phone. When an emergency occurs, Mobile HERO 24-7 activates and alerts the emergency call center.

Most PERS devices, today, only work inside the user’s home, so when users are outside or away from home users have no access to emergency monitoring when an emergency strikes.  The advantage of the Mobile HERO 24-7 system is that you or your loved ones safety is not only monitored at home but in the garden, at the mall or even in the next state, in other words, anywhere there is an ample Android™ mobile phone signal.

Each year, over 30% of seniors over the age of 65 will experience a fall. Other age groups also experience falls from jogging, biking, hiking and other sporting accidents. Mobile HERO 24-7 is there to summon help, if needed, because it features automatic fall detection (NO BUTTONS TO PUSH, TO GET HELP).  After a fall is detected, but prior to the emergency operator being contacted, the subscriber has the opportunity to touch, if desired, an (I’m OK) icon and cancel the call.   On the other hand, if a subscriber does not respond to the call, the operator follows the subscriber’s instructions on file at the emergency call center on preferred responses to a fall event or if the situation warrants, the operator will dispatch emergency help immediately. The operator has access to a GPS location map, which is sent by Mobile HERO 24-7 to the operator within 30 seconds of when the emergency alert was sent.

Manual touch screen Icons for Medical Emergency Help and Police Emergency Help are also included.  Each Icon, when touched, sends a specific code, which lets the operator know the type of emergency, instantly.   A GPS location map for either of these emergencies will also be available to the operator.  The cost of this affordable Mobile Personal Emergency Monitoring Service is only $29.99 per month.  That’s less than $1.00 a day! NO ACTIVATION FEES, NO INSTALLATION FEES AND NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS.   

Mobile HERO 24-7 is for families who worry about the safety of an active senior family member or other family members that also may need help due to a personal emergency (like walkers, joggers, teenagers or younger kids at home alone).   Mobile HERO 24-7 offers a non-intrusive means of remotely monitoring a loved one.  The subscriber or designates of the subscriber will also have access to a personal webpage (My Mobile Hero 24-7), where they can review any emergency events that have occurred with details on how the emergency was handled, plus other information regarding the subscriber’s account.

ARCI is focused on giving people, of all ages, innovative choices for their safety and well being. We will constantly search for new ways to help people maintain their independence and peace of mind whether they are at home or away.

For more information on Mobile HERO 24-7 or to contact us, please visit our website at or call toll free 855-437-6247 or call our office 704-363-0184 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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