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TUNED Revolutionizes Hearing Healthcare by Empowering Audiologists with a Virtual Care Clinic Designed for Future Practice Models

September 29, 2021 -- Just months after President Joe Biden signed an executive order de-regulating the hearing aid market, cutting-edge telehealth service Tuned has launched to help audiologists take advantage of this incredible opportunity. With Tuned, hearing healthcare professionals gain access to a HIPAA-compliant SaaS platform to schedule appointments, conduct online hearing screenings, earn revenue, and more, all for free.  Tuned also serves as a comprehensive marketplace for vetted, audiologist-approved hearing devices that address the full spectrum of hearing issues and prevention needs—at price points every patient can afford.

“I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to find the right hearing solution, even when you’re working with a top audiologist,” says Tuned Co-founder and CEO Danny Aronson. A classically trained composer, Aronson was acutely aware when his hearing began to fade and wanted to address it as quickly as possible. However, traditional hearing aids weren’t ideal for him, and few other options were available. “It quickly became apparent how the challenges that affect consumers also affect audiologists,” Aronson adds. “Tuned isn’t just engineered for patient satisfaction. It’s about empowering audiologists to provide the level of care they’ve always wanted to.”

“With a record number of people working from home, previously undetected hearing problems are becoming a major issue,” says Dr. Heather Malyuk, Tuned’s Head of Audiology. “As telehealth appointments surge in popularity, the Tuned platform offers an unprecedented opportunity for audiologists to reach patients where they are, while breaking from the limits of the bundled model. This allows them to finally focus on providing clinical care without the distraction of device sales.”

Audiologists can use Tuned as an addition to their existing practice or as turnkey infrastructure for a completely virtual clinic, with revenue potential better than traditional practice models. The marketplace is regularly updated with new solutions and detailed clinical guidance (including video!), removing the labor audiologists face in combing through the crowded marketplace for devices that might benefit their patients. Tuned’s Listening Club provides the platform’s member audiologists with device samples on a monthly basis, so they can learn hands-on about the latest advances in hearing technology. Even better, audiologists will also receive referrals for new patients in their state.

Tuned is accepting audiologists on the platform for beta testing. Visit https://www.tunedcare.com/ to join the waiting list.

About Tuned

Currently, 12 to 15 million Americans visit an audiologist every year—75 percent of them leave their hearing appointments without a solution. What if audiologists could deliver care to people they previously struggled to reach, regardless of the issue or budget?

Tuned equips audiologists with a turnkey virtual clinic to add to their practice, as well as a portfolio of vetted products that address a range of hearing impairment and solutions. The end-to-end platform frees audiologists from the commission-based practice model, so they can focus on providing expert care.

The World Health Organization calls hearing loss the “silent pandemic,” affecting 500 million people around the world. People with mild to moderate impairment might not even be aware they have a health problem but still suffer its consequences: cognitive fatigue, depression, social isolation, difficulty hearing in noise, and increased risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Hearing loss doesn’t just affect quality of life late in life—research has proven it has a significant impact on workplace productivity.

Tuned connects consumers to affordable diagnostic tools and audiologists, so they can be proactive about their health or address long-standing issues. For audiologists, Tuned supports learning about vetted and affordable products, automates clinically validated online hearing screenings, and manages their telehealth practice, all in an intuitive dashboard, so they can focus on helping patients.

It’s no longer enough to just address hearing loss—it’s time to safeguard hearing health. Tuned is here to amplify patients’ and audiologists’ full potential.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021