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Nomo Smart Care Introduces the Essential Care Kit, the Next Generation of Innovative Technology for Caregivers

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nomo International, Inc. announces the first-of-its-kind smart technology for the millions of people providing personal care to family members, especially those facing health challenges. Now live on, Nomo Smart Care is designed for seniors who want to live at home while maintaining their independence, and for their family members who worry about their daily well-being. Nomo Smart Care's proprietary smart technology products connect families and friends through an app with their loved ones in need. The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit creates simplified digital solutions to enable caregivers to stay connected and assist their loved ones with everyday general well-being, allowing for them to know more and worry less.

The Nomo Smart Care Essential Kit

"Nomo Smart Care allows families to equally distribute caregiving responsibilities, even if a family member lives halfway around the world. As my parents aged, so much of the responsibility fell to my sister as she lived close and selflessly took on the role of caregiver for both my mother and my father. Nomo Smart Care was created for the millions of families who are living through that experience right now. There is simply no alternative product or service that does what Nomo Smart Care can do," says Mike O'Shaughnessy, co-founder and CEO of Nomo International Inc.

With an increase in the number of adults wishing to 'age at home', the advanced technology behind Nomo Smart Care helps support individuals to stay in their homes rather than move in with their children or an assisted living facility. This innovative technology tracks daily routines within the home and alerts caregivers when routines suddenly change, all without spying or invading their privacy. Unlike traditional medical alert systems, Nomo Smart Care's key value to care providers is its ability to recognize when specific events do or don't occur. Nomo Smart Care identifies deviations in routine, such as medicine cabinets not being opened, kitchen pantries left untouched or changes in sleep behavior and if needed, offers direct-to-911 voice and data connectivity. 

"This amazingly powerful yet simple-to-use smart technology provides older adults a sense of autonomy over their lives while prioritizing the needs of both the caregiver and care recipient. Families with Nomo can spend less time worrying and more quality time together," says Kevin Ray, Chief Technology Officer.

The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit offers easy-to-use tools to help caregivers support their loved ones' independence while fulfilling their caregiving needs. The devices work together with the Nomo Smart Care App, giving the invited "care circle" of family, friends, and physicians visibility to check-in on their loved ones without cameras or spying. The app is free to download and comes loaded with easy and intuitive features to foster confident caregiving and remote monitoring, such as customizable real-time alerts, hands-free voice communication with the hub for seamless check-ins, and easy digital connection to local 911 services should an emergency occur. The app also includes options for families to include third-party service providers such as 24/7 call center monitoring, among many others. Nomo has partnered with RapidSOS, the leading intelligent safety platform company, to deliver secure direct-to-911 voice and data connectivity and 24/7 monitoring services, for the Nomo Smart Care Solution. The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit retails for $250 USD and is available at

"Walmart is committed to helping older adults and caregivers live better, healthier lives," says Staci Cochran, Vice President, Omni Merchandising - Health, Walmart U.S. "We are pleased to welcome Nomo Smart Care to Walmart, supporting family members who wish to age at home, while providing peace of mind to those who care for them."

For more information on The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit, visit the website at

About Nomo Smart Care:
Nomo Smart Care is the first fully digital option for caregivers that focuses on maintaining the independence of retired adults and keeping them in their homes. The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit offers simple, intelligent, and connected tools to help caregivers support their loved ones' independence while supporting their caregiving needs. The Essential Care Kit includes a smart hub, 2 satellites, and 4 tags. The entire collection of Nomo Smart Care devices are operated by a convenient app and easily connects to any Wi-Fi network. The Nomo Smart Care Essential Care Kit comes equipped with all the devices you need to get started supporting caregivers with the addition of downloading the app. For more information, visit

Wednesday, September 27, 2023