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OneStep Revolutionizes Care With Expansion of Innovative Digital Care Solution Into Older Adult Communities

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — OneStep, an FDA-listed medical app that uses smartphone motion sensors to provide immediate, clinically-validated feedback on gait and mobility, today announced its expansion into older adult communities such as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and senior living communities (SLCs) throughout the United States. OneStep helps enhance senior care by providing real-time patient insight and automated risk status notifications so that clinicians can deliver the most proactive care possible – preventing falls and improving health outcomes.

Building upon its clinical success, OneStep is now working with hundreds of SNFs across the US. These partnerships incorporate OneStep’s award-winning fall risk program – providing a proactive approach to fall prevention, improving patient outcomes and demonstrating clinical excellence. The program aims to reduce falls and offer insight into factors contributing to increased fall occurrences. Furthermore, by documenting medical necessity of continued care – showing patient improvement and identifying declines - OneStep also helps generate revenue for these facilities.

OneStep’s technology works from any smartphone, capturing ongoing gait and mobility data that helps establish baselines and longitudinal patient data. OneStep's clinician app, an adaptation of its patient app built specifically to address the needs of older adult care settings, collects key gait measurements during a simple 30-second walk, without any extra wearables or equipment.

Falls remain the leading cause of injury and death in U.S. adults over age 65 (CDC). OneStep's technology provides a crucial early warning system, enabling clinicians in older adult settings to receive timely alerts about increased fall risks, facilitating immediate action to modify the plan of care, address unsafe gait patterns and ensure effective fall prevention protocols.

OneStep is also collaborating with FOX Rehabilitation, the nation's leading provider of geriatric physical, occupational and speech therapy. Together, they are integrating OneStep's digital platform to foster digital touchpoints and a hybrid care model, strengthening the therapeutic alliance. This partnership aims to optimize outcomes, enhance clinical efficiency and foster an exceptional patient and staff experience. Expanding into SLCs with FOX, where FOX clinicians are proactively developing therapies to reduce frailty and fall risk, OneStep will provide its remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) solutions to senior facilities across 28 states.

"OneStep is pioneering a proactive approach to care in older adult communities," stated OneStep CEO, Tomer Shussman. "Our advanced technology generates insights, enabling us to anticipate and mitigate fall risks before they happen. As new residents join facilities, we're immediately assessing potential hazards, empowering clinicians to prioritize preventative care and fundamentally transforming healthcare delivery."

With its latest expansion, OneStep continues to leverage its technology to enhance the safety, health and independence of older adults, thereby reshaping the way people age.


OneStep uses smartphone motion sensors to continuously analyze movement in real-life conditions, providing clinically-validated gait and motion analysis data within seconds without any wearables. ​Our FDA-listed digital health platform equips clinicians with a full suite of remote PT protocols and tools that support remote therapeutic monitoring and enable clinicians to enhance decision making, intervene proactively, and help their patients reach their goals faster – by assessing health status sooner, more holistically, and from anywhere. We serve patients and physical therapists, as well as leading physical therapy providers, surgeon-owned clinics, orthotists and prosthetists, and medical device manufacturers. OneStep has demonstrated outstanding clinical outcomes and superior patient satisfaction while improving provider efficiencies, increasing revenue, and lowering costs. OneStep’s fall risk assessment was recently recognized as a World Changing Idea by Fast Company.


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Tuesday, August 22, 2023