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The onset of Covid-19 produced an unanticipated surge in Remote Care Technology product and service offerings according to leading health and senior care providers

Beginning in March of 2020, older adults were cut off from their families. Senior living companies of all types were caught in the triple bind of no-visitors, worsening worker shortage and the spread of Covid-19 to their residents. The pandemic caused older adults to defer health appointments and interactions with others, resulting in the usage of telehealth and other technologies like Zoom and FaceTime to skyrocket. Many of the technology stopgaps will become part of permanent change in how seniors connect, how businesses serve them, and what innovations matter most. Aging and Health Technology Watch covers these topics in its newest research report , "The Future of Remote Care Technology and Older Adults 2020."

The current status and future potential are discussed in the new report The Future of Remote Care Technology and Older Adults 2020 from Aging and Health Technology Watch. The report is based on interviews with experts from 30 organizations across healthcare and technology. Insights and report advice span telehealth, wearables, AI, smart home, and voice products and services.

Says Mary Furlong: “Laurie Orlov continues to deliver thought leadership and guidance that will help shape the longevity market in these difficult times.”

Tech industry veteran Laurie M. Orlov launched the market research company in 2009 with a blog, advisory services, and industry information which can be found at http://www.ageinplacetech.com.

Monday, November 30, 2020