Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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Optando Makes Aging at Home Easier

Philadelphia, PA-Optando, a pioneer in communications has just released OptaCare™, the only Single Touch Video (STV)communications software in the marketplace today.  The Philadelphia-based company Optando focuses on making video chatting cost effective to the aging market while at the same time making it easy and fun to use.   Unlike Skype, Facetime or other video communications apps, OptaCare™ has been designed specifically for the expanding aging-in-place market.  Optando wants families to video chat and stay connected without the burden of owning or paying for expensive devices.


Optando the leader in video communications is the only company to offer:


*one touch video calling

*customized contact setup

*the ability to eliminate the need to scroll or swipe to find contacts

*one step setup

*video launch for adults with limited physical mobility

*safer and more secure video connections

*hands free emergency video call capabilities

*video call monitoring on demand


So why now, in 2017?

Technology and timing.  “Tens of millions of men and women over 65 are eager to stay in touch with, and feel more connected to, their family, their friends and when necessary their caregivers,” says Optando founder and serial entrepreneur Seamus Gilchrist. “That’s why we’re creating video communications solutions that eliminate many of the technology and physical barriers facing older adults.  We believe OptaCare video solution will reduce the sadness or depression that comes with feeling more isolated by connecting families.”


The world is getting grayer at a dramatic pace. Over the next 25 years, the global population of people aged 65-and-older will double to almost 1.3 billion, according to the United Nations Population Division. Even more striking is the growth that will occur within the over-80 age group, which is expected to more than triple in absolute size over the next 35 years, rising from 1.7% of the global population today to 4.5% by 2050.

Health care providers using the OptaCare™ video white label service can offer much more personalized care while also nurturing their own brand relationship with their adult members. Because Optando owns and built the entire end-to-end service video delivery platform, they can offer a low cost customized solution for every partner.  


If you are looking to introduce video communications into an existing application or want to focus on branding an application for which video is just one component, Optando has the solution for you.

About Optando

Optando understands the power of connecting people and the benefits frequent engagement brings.   With over two decades of telecommunications experience Optando is at the forefront of video software development, delivering high-quality solutions designed to bring people together. Optando WebRTC-based software solutions are now available to serve a broad spectrum of needs, ranging from embeddable video software components to complete turnkey video-based solutions. Optando’s mobile phone / tablet / browser software can be easily bundled into existing applications. 

For more information, visit to request a demo.

Monday, May 1, 2017

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