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OurPaths Turns Life Memories into Virtual Museums

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July 23, 2014

OurPaths Turns Life Memories into Virtual Museums
Aimed at Boomers, app’s immersive 3D tributes honor living as well as departed

SAN FRANCISCO – OurPaths, an application that enables Boomers and their families to document their lives and those of departed loved ones, is helping the first generation of tech consumers create collaborative tributes in virtual reality environments.

“Baby Boomers have reached an age where we’re dealing with the passing of both our parents and peers,” said OurPaths founder Clay Haswell, a longtime media executive and digital entrepreneur. “Traditional obituaries don’t connect with the way we live our lives and the way we want to preserve our legacies.”

The first-of-its-kind app allows users to personalize a 3D space, then invite friends and family to add photos, videos and memories. It incorporates an immersive virtual experience with micro social networks, preserving stories of loved ones no matter how distant. Users can enter a tribute; browse as they would in a museum; and share or appreciate photos, videos and written stories about the person being honored. The interactive story-telling tool, engineered for mobile devices, became available for iPhone and iPad users this month.

“OurPaths was borne of an experience both personal and universal: the death of a loved one,” said Haswell. “Collecting and sharing memories is a healing experience. We want to help future generations experience those same reflections and life stories.”

Mary Furlong, a Bay Area-based expert on aging, said OurPaths meets two critical needs: “Everyone has a story, and everyone is searching for meaning in their lives. This is the intersection of two hard trends: storytelling, and our need to be digitally connected.”

The virtual reality application is at the forefront of a rush by tech companies and investors to reach people over 50, now the largest demographic on the Internet. It lets users tell their own stories interactively and define how they want to be remembered. Users can choose from 20 different 3D settings, including religious venues, veterans’ memorials, tranquil gardens, and even a corner bar. Tribute owners can add multiple rooms or memorials.

OurPaths also provides advice on questions that arise before and after the death of a loved one; a forum for members to support each other; and meditations on death and grieving. In a time when the average American moves nearly 12 times before retirement, OurPaths provides a virtual gathering place that fits how people live today and its tributes bridge the increased distances between family and friends.”

Pictures, a demonstration video and other media resources are available on DropBox. For more information, visit or download the app from the App Store.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014