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Papa Technologies, a Miami Start Up Expands to Southwest Florida

MIAMI, Fla. /Florida Newswire/ — Papa, a leading platform for seniors and caregivers in South Florida, expanded their niche service to the Tampa and Sarasota areas in the beginning of April. Papa Technologies has a team of young and energetic college students, who they call Papa Pals, who enhance the lives of family caregivers and seniors who need assistance.

“Tampa and Sarasota family caregivers now have a great way to have help with transportation and help around the house at an affordable price, while elders are able to enjoy company from a young and fun generation who are just starting their careers” said CEO Andrew Parker. Papa Pals, also known as “Grandkids On-Demand,” assist the elderly with transportation, household chores, technology, and companionship.

“We’ve had many requests to expand our service to Southwest Florida, but we wanted to make sure we had the tools in place first to keep the quality of our service everywhere we expand to,” said COO Alfredo Vaamonde. “We are confident in what we do, and our goal is expand while keeping our services running seamlessly.”

Papa helps reduce the stress from family caregivers and boosts seniors’ mental engagement with younger generations. Papa plans to keep expanding throughout Florida as their demands increase.

The service, which is insured, hires college students who are aspiring doctors, nurses, and other leaders in the health care industry.

  • Regardless of employment status, unpaid caregivers report that positive activities in their respective daily lives are reduced by 27.2% as a result of their caregiving responsibilities. This effect is three times greater in their personal lives than in their professional lives. [Coughlin, J. (2010). Estimating the Impact of Caregiving and Employment on Well-Being: Outcomes & Insights in Health Management.]
  • Family caregivers spend an average of 24.4 hours per week providing care. Nearly 1 in 4 caregivers spends 41 hours or more per week providing care. [National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. (2015). Caregiving in the U.S.]
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About Papa:

Papa is a startup based in Miami that opened late 2017 and has onboarded close to 200 Papa Pals to provide assistance to its senior members throughout South Florida, Sarasota, and Tampa.




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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


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