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People Power Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Pro Care Solution

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 23, 2015) - People Power, a services enablement company providing apps, cloud and mobile services for the Internet of Things (IoT), today launches its crowdfunding campaign for the Presence Pro Care software solution. Designed to extend the award-winning aspects of the Presence app into a home care product, Presence Pro Care offers a comprehensive mobile service for in-home care to improve the quality of life for both patients and caregivers. Presence Pro Care is a customizable white-label solution that service providers can easily brand and offer to their customers to generate new ongoing revenues.

The senior population in the United States is experiencing unprecedented growth. According to Harvard University, between 2015 and 2035, the number of people over the age of 75 living alone will nearly double from 6.9 million to 13.4 million. Since nearly 90 percent of seniors want to age in place, or stay in their own homes as they age, there is a significant need for technology solutions that can help seniors age independently.

To meet this need, Presence Pro Care's mobile software-as-a-service helps improve quality of life by providing both caregivers and patients with a simple way to communicate, generate emergency alerts and monitor medications, while easily sharing meaningful moments with each other. 

"Presence has almost 1 million downloads, and has already delivered over 32 million Video Alerts to make homes more safe and secure. Now, we're asking the user community to help us extend the functionality of our technology to support one of the greatest challenges facing humanity -- how to care for the people who cared the most for us," said Gene Wang, CEO and co-founder of People Power. "People Power's expertise in creating advanced smart home, energy and security products enabled a seamless expansion into elderly care. Presence Pro Care employs community social networks and in-home activity monitoring to provide a comprehensive elderly care solution that is easy-to-use for both elders and their caregivers."

Presence Pro Care helps address one of the biggest challenges in society today: a rapidly aging population with a healthcare system that cannot keep pace with their needs. And backed by People Power's software foundation of Fabrux, Influx and Crux, Pro Care offers service providers and partners an unprecedented ability to provide comprehensive, integrated smart-home wellness solutions that integrate individual care with community care.

Presence Pro Care offers the following categories of services:

  • Connected devices that track medication and watch for emergencies
  • Organizing Trusted Circles of caregivers to help loved ones
  • Wellness Challenges to motivate both patients and caregivers to eat healthily, exercise regularly and follow the doctor's orders regarding medication and treatment
  • Real-time data analytics that learn a person's daily routines and warn the caregiver network if those routines unexpectedly break 
  • Sharing in precious moments via live audio video calls, or by sharing photos and videos amongst patients and caregivers

Presence Pro Care will offer many advanced features, including:

  • An emergency button that triggers alerts to a Trusted Circle caregivers
  • A connected pill dispenser that alerts if the patient forgets to take medications
  • Fall detection motion sensing and analytics
  • Integration with the Amazon Echo, so someone can call for help verbally
  • Emergency response in the U.S. including dispatching an ambulance
  • Two way audio video calls initiated totally by the caregiver
  • Messaging, scheduling and note taking between caregivers through the app
  • Digital picture frame mode for Presence cameras
  • Medication and Wellness tracking to share with doctors during visits
  • Personal Emergency Response Button to trigger calls to caregivers and emergency services

Karen Johnson, a daily user of Presence with nine Presence cameras throughout her home said, "My elderly mother has moved in with me very recently. She had Life Alert at her old house which I've transferred to my house. She wears the Life Alert necklace/button. But if Presence were to roll out an 'eldercare' program, I would buy it immediately, especially motion sensors and monitoring. It's an excellent idea!"

To learn more about Presence Pro Care and contribute to the campaign, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/presence-pro-care.

About People Power

Founded in 2009, People Power is an award-winning software company with a proud legacy in mobility and green technology. People Power Company offers the Internet of Things FabrUX software, which enables manufacturers and service providers to quickly launch products and services using ready-made cloud and mobile software stacks. People Power's intuitive consumer app, Presence, not only transforms spare smart devices into wireless video cameras for added security, but also expands to control modern smart homes and connect smart communities. The app is also available as a white-labeled software app framework. For more information, visit www.peoplepowerco.com.


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