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PharmRight Corporation, a healthcare technology company based in Charleston, SC, announced today that Reconnect4Health, headquartered in Greenville, NC, has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to purchase LiviTM devices. LiviTM is a fully-automated, cloud-connected home medication dispensing system designed and developed by PharmRight.

Bill Park, President and CEO of PharmRight, said “Our new relationship with Reconnect4Health represents Livi’s entry to the rapidly growing world of remote patient monitoring (RPM).  Advances in communication and information technology are driving significant changes in this area as large payor organizations recognize the positive health and financial benefits that come from regular collection and analysis of biometric data.  Merging medication adherence data that we generate from Livi with the biometric data being collected by the RPM industry results in an enhanced, robust real time view of a person’s health.”

Bonnie Britton, Co-founder and Executive Director of Reconnect4Health, said “This relationship with PharmRight brings Remote Patient Monitoring to a whole new level of service.  With the addition of Livi and Reconnect4Health’s clinical services, patients can achieve a level of medication adherence unrealized in the market to date.  By achieving medication adherence, caregivers are less burdened, and health systems and payors can reduce costs.”

About PharmRight

PharmRight Corporation was formed in 2013 to produce devices and offer services that maximize medication adherence and allow patients to age in place.  The company has developed LiviTM, an innovative, fully-automated home medication dispenser.  A new entrant to what is being called “The Internet of Things,” LiviTM is designed to simulate the supervision of an on-site caregiver by prompting the user to take the right medication…at the right time…in the right quantity…with the right instructions under the Internet-enabled remote oversight of a caregiver or a team of caregivers.  A cloud application monitors and captures all user interactions with the device.  Family members and professional caregivers can be alerted via text message or e-mail if a user misses a dose or requires a re-fill. Comprehensive medication adherence reports are available via computer and mobile devices.

About Reconnect4Health

The Reconnect4Health team brings over 30 years of hands on experience designing, customizing, implementing and scaling Remote Monitoring Programs. This practical tested experience allows us to efficiently focus on your goals, your patient’s needs and your unique wrap around patient services. Reconnect4Health serves as a bridge between providers and patients and your solution for changing health care delivery.  We realize each customer is unique and requires a personalized approach. Our turn-key solution allows you to choose the resource options which meet your needs. These solutions were created based on proven, scalable and replicable programs.

For more information, contact PharmRight at (843) 277-8250 or

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Thursday, May 14, 2015