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PillBox, world’s smartest pills dispenser




With the PillBox, you will never forget about taking the right medicine at the right time. After finishing the prototype, creators from dr Poket are asking international crowdfunding community for a help with finalizing the project.



Are you that granddaughter that doesn’t sleep some nights thinking about your beloved grandmother and fearing she forgot to take her pills? Are you a son that wants to spend more time with his sick father and not managing hill of pills? Do you simply want your loved once to have the best possible care whether you’re around or not? There’s a new member of your family that will let you sleep at night and will make sure right pills are taken at the right time by the right person – PillBox.


The PillBox – an intuitive and smart pills dispenser is going to be presented in well-known crowdfunding site The PillBox, along with dedicated app and web platform is modern telemedicine tool, that makes taking meds easier and adherence tracking more effective. It will allow you to check whether your family members are taking a necessary drugs at the right time. Whole system works in real time and serves as a convenient tool connecting a caretaker with a caregiver. It also allows to check for an adverse effects, contraindications and interactions between meds. You can support and follow the revolution in telemedicine on the official project site.

– An active life requires great organisation skills. We are constantly being busy and every convenience that is making our schedule less crowded is gladly welcomed. Suspending the treatment or taking inappropriate pills can seriously damage our health. That is why we created the PillBox – to protect what is the most important – health – says Marcin Michalak, one of co-founders.

The PillBox consist of a central unit, dispensing modules, dedicated app and synchronizing everything web platform. When time for a dosage is coming, you will get app notification, and dispenser will put the right pill into the right container. You can also give the PillBox as a gift and gain a possibility to monitor treatment process. A doctor or a caregiver will get notified about missed dosage, being able to react instantly. Besides domestic use, creators are planning to implement the PillBox into the health facilities.

Users of a dedicated app can easily access detailed information about taken drugs, and find out about interactions between them. What is more, it is possible to check whether a particular med is dangerous during pregnancy and breastfeeding, can affect driving abilities, or if it interacts with alcohol. User will be also notified about a low drug supply.

The PillBox was created to match the needs of all users. A notification about forthcoming dosage is being sent to the mobile, and after that the PillBox is using a visual, sound and Braille notifications to lead to the proper medicine. The creators did not forget about the youngest ones. To help them get through sick days, they have prepared a customized modules that will make them smile!

– We have realised that people taking meds are often elderly and struggle with disabilities. Our device and interfaces was designed to match especially their needs. It has large screen, Braille’s indicators, ability to regulate the volume of the alarm and light indicators to make taking meds simplier. During the prototyping we were looking to help blind people as well – to eliminate the risk of taking wrong pill, patient move his finger through special tracking edge that indicate him right container.


During the campaign, besides the PillBox sets, you can use other forms of support to make the PillBox reality.

Campaign on Kickstarter launched on 05.10.2015. Estimated time of delivery was set to Jul 2016.


– We are the team of doctors, engineers and designers, fascinated with new technologies and medicine. Our idea is to create a well-engineered telemedicine solution, accessible everywhere and affordable for everyone, to increase the comfort of life. We are ready to work hard to achieve it. We are hoping to take the telemedicine to the next level, having the PillBox used in homes all around the world. Finally we are looking forward to warm response from the crowdfunding community. – says Michalak


Join the revolution in medicine!




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Marcin Michalak

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Monday, October 5, 2015


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