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Ready Set Care Launches Personalized Digital Care Advisor to Reduce Time, Stress & Cost of Navigating Caregiving

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Ready Set Care, an expert-driven, easy-to-use personalized care advisor to family caregivers, has launched its new no-cost site to impact the increasing informational burdens related to caregiving. With CareMaps tailored to a caregiver's specific needs, Ready Set Care provides personalized advice across a range of topics including daily caring, housing, legal, financial, benefits, hospitalization and self-care.

Navigating the caregiving journey can require hours of research, including time wasted searching the Internet for answers that are not easy to find, buried under firewalls, or hidden within content that lacks specificity. Ready Set Care provides the answers a caregiver needs in just three steps: describe specific needs, review recommendations in key areas, and access the advice to enable better care.

"We created Ready Set Care to respond to the stresses facing family caregivers today. As we recognize National Caregivers Month, it's important to note that more than 42 million Americans are currently caring for older adults." said Andrew Kret, co-founder and CEO of Ready Set Care. "These caregivers are strapped for time and tasked with making informed decisions quickly. They are asked to be healthcare workers, financial managers and housing experts in a constantly evolving situation with little warning and no training – often while working full time and juggling the demands of their own families. When we asked what would reduce the stress associated with finding solutions, caregivers made their needs clear."

Of the more than 2000 caregivers surveyed, the most frequent requests were:

Answer my questions with personalized, expert responses.

Save me money. I can't afford this.

Help me feel organized and tell me what I need to know – now and next.

Make it easy – save me time.

Provide emotional support and community.

Ready Set Care's personalized CareMaps provide expert advice and answer the most critical caregiving questions. CareMaps allow caregivers to gain quick access to the information they need to make a range of key decisions. And Ready Set Care has partnered with the National Council on Aging (NCOA), the oldest national organization focused on aging adults and a leading voice for every person's right to age well, to help caregivers understand and access the roughly 2500 benefit programs available to older adults nationwide.

Relationships with geriatricians, nurses, Medicaid case managers and more than a dozen experts in medicine, law, finance and nursing provide a depth of knowledge in a range of areas.  To keep information organized, Ready Set Care offers a Care Journal that replaces notepads with a digital solution that is easily accessed by the entire care team. The Care Journal reflects changes in medications, lists contact information for healthcare providers, and organizes other pertinent information.

"Every caregiver's situation is personal and unique, yet existing free resources are often one size fits all. Ready Set Care meets you where you are in your caregiving journey with practical and relevant caregiving tools, savings and information that will have an immediate impact on your life and that of your loved one," said Abby Miller Levy of Primetime Partners, the leading investment platform funding businesses to transform the quality of living for older adults and a primary funder of Ready Set Care. "By creating a digital home for family caregivers, Ready Set Care gives a voice to and harnesses the collective power of the one in five Americans who are family caregivers. The more caregivers use the product the more it learns and the better it becomes."

Along with delivering practical, targeted advice, Ready Set Care is building a community for family caregivers who often express feelings of isolation, stress and burnout. Support groups within Ready Set Care connect caregivers with their peers. Stories and learnings can be shared and, if desired, an expert can be called on to join the conversation to provide insight.

Ready Set Care is now available at no cost to family caregivers across the U.S. The mobile-friendly platform can be accessed at www.readysetcare.com.

About Ready Set Care
Ready Set Care, an expert-driven, easy-to-use personalized care advisor to family caregivers, was founded by caregivers searching for a better way to meet the urgent needs of the more than 42 million Americans caring for an aging relative or friend. With direction from experts representing all areas of caregiving – from finance and law to medicine, nursing and emotional support – Ready Set Care's mobile-friendly digital platform provides caregivers with personalized care solutions at no cost. A joint venture of Loeb.nyc and Primetime Partners, Ready Set Care is partnered with the National Council on Aging (NCOA) to provide easily-accessible resources. Ready Set Care is based in New York.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021


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