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Reemo Partners with Teradata for Delivering Industry-First Health Data to Mission Health

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Reemo, a complete solution designed to empower seniors and improve quality of life, today announces its partnerships with Teradata, a leading analytics solutions company, and Mission Health, a network of managed communities offering a broad range of services to individuals in need of high-quality healthcare and rehabilitation assistance. Through the use of smartwatches and powerful communication tools, the Reemo System seamlessly provides seniors, family members and caregivers with real-time health and wellness information, while simultaneously allowing health systems to remotely track biometric and behavioral data. These analytics assist in care improvement and help identify potential health declines.Through their partnership with Teradata, Reemo not only improves living for seniors, but enhances caregivers, such as adult children and medical providers, to deliver the care needed for improved living. The partnership allows for enhanced population analytics and clinical insights, supplying healthcare providers with understandable, easy-to-use data visualizations. These visualizations help providers, like Mission Health, identify practical and actionable insights for each monitored individual, while providing the scale needed for an entire community of patients.

“Our partnership with Teradata allows us to derive clinical insights from massive amounts of medical data, which is extremely difficult to perform quickly and securely without the help of someone like Teradata who has a deep understanding of healthcare analytics,” said Reemo CRO John Valiton. “Now, providers like Mission Health have insight into advanced analytics that will help them improve care and reduce risk. The insights generated are also valuable to others working to improve senior care; such as drug manufacturers, medical device manufacturers and health insurers.”

“Teradata has the perfect combination of experience to make an ideal partner for Reemo — extensive industrial IoT know-how, expertise in analytics, and deep understanding of business-valued analytics applied in healthcare,” said Randy Lea, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Teradata. “We’ve long been interested in the analytics of healthcare things but until now, not much has been used for practical health management purposes. With Reemo we can remove the current barriers that have limited the adoption of IoT in healthcare, driving improvements in treatment, reducing unnecessary procedures and even creating entirely new inventions.”

Mission Health’s The Residence at North Ridge community, located in Minneapolis, will be the first of its kind to implement Reemo’s enhanced platform through its partnership with Teradata, gaining visibility into personalized data such as daily activity, which in turn could help predict health risks such as the threat of a fall. The care provider’s use of the solution will enable their services to reach the public, as well as provide a vital link between seniors and their family members and care providers.

“As we saw how technology is impacting delivery of care in all sectors of healthcare, we were looking for a solution that could expand our abilities and create efficiencies in our community, and Reemo was just that,” said Tina Thomas, Senior Vice President of Operations for Mission Health. “We’re looking forward to seeing how the solution’s helpful insights into patient data will increase our ability to deliver proactive, informed care to our residents. The Reemo team has been extremely helpful in making sure our team is comfortable with the new technology, and we’re thrilled to be rolling it out to our patients. ”

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About Reemo

Reemo is a health technology platform designed to empower caregivers with actionable insights to improve the quality of life for seniors. Through the use of wearables and smart home technology, Reemo technology strengthens the connection between seniors and families, while helping healthcare organizations improve patient experience and health outcomes. From smart home automation to key risk indicators and wellness reporting, Reemo increases senior engagement, offers peace of mind to loved ones and elevates the customer-centric approach to health monitoring through proactive adjustments and earlier intervention.

About Teradata

Teradata empowers companies to achieve high-impact business outcomes. Our focus on business solutions for analytics, coupled with our industry leading technology and architecture expertise, can unleash the potential of great companies. Visit

Teradata and the Teradata logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Teradata Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and worldwide.

About Mission Health

Mission Health managed Communities offer a broad range of services to individuals in need of high-quality healthcare and rehabilitation assistance. With a focus on personal care and enriching activities, Mission Health Communities excel in helping our residents achieve essential clinical outcomes across a variety of service areas. Take the time to learn more about the Mission Health Communities near you to understand the full range of services offered at your local Community.



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