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Reflexion Health Wins Home Care 100’s Most Promising New Technology Award

Home Care 100, the preeminent leadership and strategy conference for top executives from the nation’s largest home care and hospice providers, awarded Reflexion Health with the Most Promising New Technology award at today’s general session.

After researching the field of home-based technologies, Home Care 100 brought five of the most promising and intriguing startups “on the cutting edge of innovation” to their annual leadership meeting. Home Care 100’s panel of “Sharks,” leaders with an interest in nascent technologies, questioned each presenter while debating the viability of their respective concepts.  After some serious competition that featured ingestible sensors, a robot and handheld diagnostics, it was Reflexion Health’s signature solution, VERA, a virtual exercise rehabilitation assistant, that the Sharks determined had the most potential of positively transforming the home health landscape.

Congratulations Reflexion Health and our CEO Dr. Joseph (Joe) Smith for successfully demonstrating VERA’s innovative and effective tele-rehabilitation capabilities!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017