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True Link Launches Tech-Enabled Investment Advisory Service for Retirees

True Link Financial, the leading financial services provider for seniors, today announced the completion of a $3.6 million round of funding with participation from Kapor Capital, Initialized Capital, Symmetrical Ventures, and the Ziegler Link-Age Longevity Fund, LP. This investment brings True Link’s cumulative funding to $7 million in equity and venture debt since the company’s launch in 2012.

True Link will use this funding to expand sales and marketing of its established products – a debit card known for its budgeting and anti-fraud features, and a set of software tools to create and administer trusts and manage benefits eligibility – and to release the company’s new online financial advisory service, True Link Financial Advisors. True Link Financial Advisors has been serving several hundred of True Link’s existing customers in private beta for the past year, and today the product is available to the public for the first time.

“We think seniors are the most exciting market in financial services today. Half of the wealth in the US is owned by people 59 years and over, and as baby boomers retire, the tidal wave is only growing. Over the last few years, we’ve seen the role that technology can play in helping today’s retirees live the independent, fulfilling lives they deserve,” said Kai Stinchcombe, CEO and co-founder of True Link.

With today’s launch, True Link is making smart investment advice accessible to a largely ignored market: everyday retirees who are relying on their savings for income over the course of their retirement. While there are many solutions for individuals preparing for retirement, financial needs shift dramatically once you’re living off your savings and assets. Investment planning that is tailored for this stage of life requires expertise not just in investing, but also in balancing multiple income streams, insurance coverage, longevity, spending patterns, medical needs, and even family dynamics.

“This is a huge need, but not just any company could do it. It takes a deep understanding of the unique needs of retirees to create something like what True Link has built,” said Stephen Johnston, co-founder of the Aging 2.0 network of businesses serving the aging demographic.

True Link’s investment approach is designed to capture the best features of the existing alternatives available to retirees today – the low costs and broad exposure of ETFs and target date funds, the guaranteed income component of annuities, the objectivity and precision of algorithmic “robo” advisors, and the personalization associated with traditional human advisors. It also layers in components uniquely suited to retirees but not broadly available, such as duration-matched bond ladders, which allow investors to reduce interest rate risk. True Link takes a hybrid approach to wealth management, pairing human advisors with technology to develop and implement an objective, personalized investment plan.

“We want our customers to feel confident that investment decisions are always made in their best interest. To ensure our human advisors are as unbiased as our technology, our advisors never get paid through commissions, sell proprietary products, or create conflicts of interest that bias their advice. Our broad-based approach is delivered for one simple, transparent fee and designed to earn our customers’ trust – something that so often is missing in the financial services industry,” Stinchcombe stated.

True Link’s online planning tool and personalized retirement investment plans are available free-of-charge for anyone to implement on their own or with a financial advisor of their choosing. Or, retirees can choose to hire True Link to implement their plan and receive access to a full range of financial advisory services. Learn more: http://www.truelinkfinancial.com.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


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