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Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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SafeinHome Helps Older Adults Live at Home, Gives Family Caregivers Peace of Mind

SALNUT CREEK, Calif., April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SafeinHome , a new senior safety system designed for adult children to help their aging parents live safely at home, was highlighted on KGO TV's ABC News 7:00am on Tuesday,  April 8, 2014 .  The news segment featured a live demonstration of the product and interviews with SafeinHome founder and inventor Jack Lloyd, whose medical monitoring devices, especially pulse oximetry, are as pervasive as thermometers.

"All of us at SafeinHome have firsthand experience as family caregivers so we know the impact on families, and the practical and emotional challenges," Lloyd said.  "We asked consumers what they wanted and didn't want in a system like this. We developed a solution that could monitor the senior's activities and daily routines but wasn't intrusive and could send custom alerts to family caregivers' smartphones to notify them if something had changed in the senior's normal patterns." 

While seniors prefer to live at home longer but nearly 80 percent over age 75 depend exclusively on unpaid family members for their care. Actual costs of in-home care also add up. In addition to medical expenses and the cost of maintaining the home, private duty care can run as high as $50,000 a year out of pocket for part-time help.

SafeinHome is a new mobile solution that helps lower care costs by providing oversight of the senior when they're home alone which supports family caregivers and helps keep aging parents living safely at home longer. Without invading the senior's privacy, SafeinHome's mobile device-enabled services use wireless sensors to track the elderly person's activities while they're home, their length of stay in a room, when they leave and return to the house, if they've left the stove on or touched their medications, and more. The system sends information directly to family members' smartphones or tablets, and alerts them about unusual events that could mean there is a problem. 

Jeff Langner of Lafayette, CA, purchased SafeinHome to help care for his mother who lives alone in Oakland.  "SafeinHome is simple, elegant and well thought out.  We have sensors in the main rooms my mother occupies, but they are not intrusive.  If I see there's been no activity for some period of time I'll get an alert on my smartphone. I'll know her pattern has been broken and get in touch with her. And my mom likes the concept and that her sons can check on her remotely." 

SafeinHome is the only device in the aging in place market that doesn't require the senior to do anything to transmit a signal to the adult child, unlike other devices.  For more information call (855) is Mom OK (855-476-6665) or visit .

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Denise Yarmlak

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


We purchased the SafeinHome product in October of 2013. It works exactly as advertised. We can track temperature changes in the kitchen 24x7 and see motion in the home ( bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, guest room, and entry way - front door and side doors. ) The designers have updated the software to appear in real time with easy to understand icons on any table or smartphone device. It is comforting to know I can be in touch with mom at a glance knowing that this non-invasive keeps us connected. We still talk regularly and enjoy face to face time too. Knowing that a smart solution from SafeinHome is running in the background gives both of us peace of mind. My life is much less stressful worrying on a daily basis. That fear has been completely removed from the care giving equation. At $109 a month for our custom application, it makes much better financial sense compared to $50,000 a year in additional cost and who wants to give up their indepence? This is working for us.

Tom Brady
Southern California

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