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Senior home care app honoured with People’s Choice Award 

CareCrew has been awarded the People’s Choice Award of the Hacking Health Design Challenge at the national e-Health Conference in Vancouver on Tuesday, June 7th.

CareCrew is a web-based mobile app developed for families to help care and support seniors living at home. The app connects families and friends, health care professionals, home support providers, etc., to provide collaborative, personalized care allowing seniors to age well in the comfort of their own home.  

“We want to allow families to be 100% part of the seniors’ care, whether it is an elderly parent, grandparent, or friend. It’s difficult for families to care for elders when they have a full-time job or other commitments. That’s where CareCrew comes in.  It enables families to better coordinate care for their loved one.” says Christina Chiu, founder and team lead of CareCrew.

CareCrew was announced one of the top 10 finalists during the eHealth Conference. Conference attendees then voted CareCrew as their favourite Hacking Health app. The award was presented to the team by COACH CEO Mark Casselman and Hacking Health Co-Founder and Hacking Health Accelerator Managing Director Luc Sirois.

The team behind CareCrew consists of 19 friends and strangers who met eight weeks prior to the eHealth conference. Using agile methodology, the team created a full-stack working demo on their website at www.CareCrewHQ.com. The team consists of health care professionals, developers, designers, and marketing and business professionals.

"Christina didn't just build a team, she built a highly visionary company in eight weeks. We look forward to seeing what’s in store for CareCrew." says Luc Sirois, Hacking Health Co-Founder.

About Hacking Health Design Challenge

Hacking Health aims to transform healthcare by connecting healthcare professionals with designers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs to build human-centric solutions to front-line healthcare problems. Hacking Health partnered with its national sponsor Desjardins Insurance, and e-Health 2016 and Gevity to deliver an eight-week Design Challenge culminating in a showcase presentation at the e-Health 2016 Conference.  Visit www.hackinghealth.ca for more information. 


For more information or photographs, contact: 

Christina Chiu 

CareCrew Founder and Team Lead 

Email: christina@cccvancouver.com


Kelly Choi 

CareCrew Marketing Lead 

Phone: 604.600.1273 


Email: hello@kellechoi.com

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Thursday, June 16, 2016


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