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Senior Sleuth's Guide to Technology for Seniors

Small Publisher Targets Big Senior Citizen Book Market
Denver, Colorado November 1, 2009 Publisher launches new brand of non-fiction books for senior citizens—The Senior Sleuth Guides—with plans to publish fifty-five titles in next five years.
Senior citizens buy books—a lot of books. According to a 2001 survey, senior citizens bought more than 1/3 of all books sold in the US for roughly $8 Billion in sales. And that was in 2001. Since then more Baby Boomers have entered the senior marketplace. On average, 7000 US citizens turn 55 each day.
“The already large senior book market is getting bigger every day,” said David Peterka, founder of The Senior Sleuth Guides. “Actually, it seemed odd that there weren’t already more books written specifically for senior citizens. We plan to fill that void with our titles.”
Conifer Books, publisher of The Senior Sleuth Guides, plans to release fifty-five new titles in the next five years. The first title, The Senior Sleuth’s Guide to Technology for Seniors, will go on sale on November 15, 2009. Five new titles are currently being developed for release in 2010.
“I admit that the fifty-five book target is a bit of a gimmick,” Peterka said, referring to the 55-year entry age into the senior demographic. “We’re a small publishing company, so that’s an aggressive goal for us. With that said, we’re committed to that number as a minimum target. If sales go really well, we’ll expand our titles into even more senior subjects.”
The Senior Sleuth Guides will be available through and special order through the major bookstores.
About Conifer Books:
Conifer Books is a small, family owned publishing company based in Colorado. They own and publish The Senior Sleuth Guides line of books for senior citizens.

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Friday, December 4, 2009