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Serality Announces Web Tools that Accelerate the Growth of Organizations Focused on Older Adults

Hopkinton, MA --April 26, 2011- Serality, Inc. announced today the company will be demonstrating SeralitySuite, an online solution for real-life communities that serve older adults, at the ASA Aging in America Conference (#aia11), April 26 - 30, in San Francisco. Aging in America is the nation's largest gathering of professionals from the fields of aging, health care, economic security, and senior education. Serality will be in booth 516.  Serality’s integrated web tools let communities organize and manage members, volunteers, vendors and all their operational data, in a single, secure database.  

 “We believe that communities will play an increasingly important role in how we support our older adult population. The economic and demographic reality we face means that we will need to innovate and create solutions that meet what are already unprecedented needs,” said Serality Founder and CEO, Ed Rose. “We developed SeralitySuite with input from some of the most innovative communities in this field and look forward to collaborating with even more as we open our pilot program to additional organizations.”

SeralitySuite has the features organizations serving older adults require to grow quickly, manage operations, and provide a wide array benefits to their constituents.

Website Creation and Management

  • Pre-built templates and page layouts for creatinga professional website quickly and easily without an IT department or technical skills

  • Sites can be easily customized with an organization’s content and branding

  • Integrated tools for organizing and managing members, volunteers, vendors and other data in a single, secure database

Collaboration Tools

  • Private members-only portal allows members to access information, request services, plan activities and collaborate on projects

  • Shared calendars, message boards, blogs, and wikis keep everyone informed, facilitate the exchange of ideas and inspire action

  • Serality’s Community-of-Communities offers shared space for community leaders to collaborate, share expertise, and mobilize their combined economic, social, and political resources

Fundraising and Revenue

  • Online commerce and sponsorships generate income

  • Members can save money with group buying deals and discounts

  • By owning the “website”, communities can provide a safer and better online experience for members and help connect them with more appropriate products and services based locally at more competitive price points

  • A  community -of -communities can leverage the combined purchasing power of geographically diverse communities and  achieve deep discounts on nationally or locally sourced products and services

  • Aggregation of demand maximizes commission rates from "affiliate" advertising programs providing a significant revenue stream for each of the communities.

Serality is working with a variety of grassroots, nonprofit and for-profit organizations whose missions include serving older adults, including Lincoln Park Village, North Shore Village, Hyde Park Village, Skyline Village, GRANDFamilies of Chicago, and Wisdom Works, all based in the Chicago, IL area; Chronic Care Community Corps based in Newton, MA; and Extended Family based in Portsmouth, NH.

“I have come to regard Serality as a technology enabler with a soul.  Through this pilot program, we are transforming the North Shore Village website into the primary communication and information vehicle for our members.  But more than that, we are creating an online community that mirrors the connectivity and support our members find in the Village. Moreover, it is safe, secure and accessible,”said Helen Gagel, Executive Director of North Shore Village, a nonprofit organization of dynamic older adults in Evanston and Wilmette, Illinois.

About Serality

Serality provides community-management software and private online communities for organizations whose missions include serving older adults. The company’s integrated tools allow communities to be more efficient with their resources and more effective in fulfilling their missions. Serality’s community-of-communities provides a forum for community leaders to exchange information, form working groups to accomplish specific tasks, and combine their economic and political clout to make change. 

For more information about Serality, please visit www.serality.com| www.facebook.com/serality| www.twitter.com/serality


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011