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Silent Beacon Personal Safety Device

Silent Beacon is a wearable, wireless panic-button device that connects to smartphones, tablets and other compatible Bluetooth™ devices. Unlike other safety devices, with one button push the Beacon can place a call to 911 or to another emergency contact while simultaneously alerting up to 6 additional contacts with a text, email, and live tracking GPS location — so you can use the Beacon to talk to emergency responders while also letting your loved ones know you need help immediately.

The statistics don’t lie…

  • A Thompson Reuters Survey ranks the U.S. as the 10th most dangerous country for women. This fact is disturbing, considering that we are the only Western nation to appear in the top 10.
  • It’s even worse for college women: Nearly 27% of female coeds have experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact (Source: National Sexual Violence Resource Center).
  • Census figures and research indicate that approximately one in 11 Americans aged 50 and older live alone, increasing the risk that a vulnerable senior won’t receive a timely response in an emergency.


At last, an effective solution…

Fighting these statistics lies at the core of Silent Beacon LLC. Kenny Kelley, entrepreneur, founder and president of Silent Beacon LLC, envisioned an opportunity to address safety and security by using the amazing technology already available on our smartphones and tablets to assist loved ones in emergencies faster.


What is Silent Beacon?

Silent Beacon is a wearable wireless panic button that connects to smartphones, tablets and other compatible Bluetooth™ devices to reach loved ones, 911, and other emergency services. By pressing the device’s button, you can send text messages, push notifications, email and voice calls to pre-stored emergency contacts.


No other wearable safety device does so much for so little — and so simply. Silent Beacon offers features not available on other wearable devices, at a much lower price, including:

  • Ability to program any number into the one-push emergency call
  • Works internationally
  • GPS live tracking
  • Two-way communication device thoughtfully designed for easy activation and avoidance of false alerts
  • Multiple customized direct contact options (911/EMS)
  • Customizable contact list


Who needs Silent Beacon?

Silent Beacon is perfect for college students, drivers, teachers, real estate agents, and the elderly – as well as those traveling solo travel or with limited mobility. The device’s patent-pending two-way communication system allows you to talk directly with first responders and loved ones. When activated, this iOS- and Android-compatible device pinpoints your exact location via GPS technology, allowing help to find you quickly and easily. The silent mode allows you to call for help without tipping off those around you. Silent Beacon has week-long battery life, multiple alert methods, speaker mode, LED and audio notifications, lost key finder, and a 1-year warranty.


No hidden fees

The Silent Beacon wearable device is accompanied by a free smartphone app. There are no hidden monthly fees. The device is available in four colors, at an affordable retail price of $99.99.


About Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon LLC is based in Rockville, Maryland. Our 24/7 Customer Support Center is happy to assist with questions, comments, and to help customers get their device up and running. Visit




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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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