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SkyPoint Launches Generative AI Platform for Senior Living

SkyPoint’s generative AI platform enables senior living operators and staff to “chat with their data” grounded in context.

Portland, OR – August 22, 2023 – View official press release

SkyPoint Cloud proudly launches the senior living industry’s first Enterprise AI SaaS product focused on enabling organizations to leverage generative AI to optimize efficiency and productivity. SkyPoint AI intends to elevate the standard of care provided in senior living facilities, enhance operational efficiency, and improve staff satisfaction by eliminating mundane repetitive tasks.

SkyPoint’s Enterprise AI solution integrates diverse sets of data – financial, clinical, resident engagement, operational, and unstructured files – to enable secure and accurate generative AI capabilities to senior living operators. Adhering to stringent HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 standards, the solution is positioned as the “ChatGPT for all your senior living data.”

At SkyPoint, we believe that a strong data culture is essential for organizations to thrive in the age of AI. Our AI platform is designed to democratize data access, enhance productivity, and drive optimal outcomes in industries like senior living and value-based care.

Industry Specific Large Language Model (LLM)

Using OpenAI’s advanced GPT-4 technology — an industry-specific large language model (LLM) trained for the senior living industry — SkyPoint’s proprietary AI orchestration architecture utilizes a learning human feedback (RLHF) loop for accurate and fast responses. Users can pose any question to SkyPoint AI about their data or applications, such as, “How can I decrease overtime labor by 20% next month?”, or even follow-up with a request like, “Draft an email to each community in my portfolio outlining specific actions for its executive directors.”

An Enterprise Knowledge Graph prevents unauthorized access to sensitive enterprise data by implementing robust access controls, authentication, and authorization mechanisms.

SkyPoint uses DataStax Astra DB’s Vector Search capabilities to provide the scale, reliability, low latency, and security needed for the most demanding generative AI applications needed by care providers.

“SkyPoint’s end-to-end enterprise AI platform introduces a new paradigm in the senior living industry,” said SkyPoint’s Founder and CEO, Tisson Mathew. “The use of data-led insights provided by generative AI will redefine the decision-making processes for operators, investors, and all stakeholders. Our goal is not only to provide better quality services, but also make sure that we are using our innovative technology responsibly with utmost security standards.”

SkyPoint AI emulates the skills of a human, creating in-depth resident and operational reports, performing side-by-side comparisons, generating graphs, reports, dashboards, charts, and even crafting narratives about residents, communities, or staff.

The launch of SkyPoint AI underscores its commitment to rejuvenate senior living, healthcare providers, and owners within the senior living ecosystem to make informed, data-driven decisions, potentially expanding housing availability, improving profit margins, empowering staff members, and ultimately elevating experiences across the continuum of care.

For more information about how SkyPoint AI can transform your engagement in the senior living industry, please visit our website to schedule a demo.

About SkyPoint Cloud:

Friday, August 25, 2023