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IRVINE, CA (July 17, 2018) – Taking medication no longer has to be a hindrance to your life with the launch of the new CYCO smart pillbox. Developed to lessen the struggle of effectively controlling daily medication consumption, the CYCO is an innovative pillbox that will improve overall well-being and quality of life by reducing the strain on users, caregivers, and loved ones alike. Created by Qualife, the CYCO is here to refine the process of medication intake and empower users to start their healthy cycle.

According to the Centers for Disease for Control & Prevention, medication is not taken as prescribed 50 percent of the time, and this lack of adherence causes 30 to 50 percent of chronic disease treatment failures and 125,000 deaths per year in the United States alone. Qualife believes the use of the CYCO smart pillbox will help in curtailing these alarming rates and accelerate the United Nations’ goal of reducing premature mortality from non-communicable diseases by one-third.

The team behind the CYCO designed their pillbox to provide stress-free usage for consumers in their medical treatment. As stated by company founder Ivan Wan, “The CYCO incorporates an innovative, intelligent app that calculates the user’s medication information inputs and creates an accurate dose schedule, enabling them to sort their medication with ease. The CYCO integrates a dual sensor system with visual and audio aids, ensuring that the correct pills are consumed at the appropriate time by the user.”

Over the course of three months, the CYCO Team conducted numerous research studies, focus groups, and survey results, which led to the adoption of real user feedback regarding daily medication difficulties into features that were best desired for tackling the majority of issues that patients experience, such as inconsistent or lapses in intake of medication, as well as the struggle of having to set up a consistent medication schedule. By consulting with doctors and pharmacists on the best medication practice of chronic disease patients, the CYCO has been developed to tackle real user difficulties based on professional advice and recommendations.

The CYCO smart pillbox features include:


  • Circular Product Design: Optimize for facilitating user’s hand twisting motion.

  • Intelligent Setup: Weekly Dose Schedule will automatically be generated on the CYCO App with simple information input (just input drug name, frequency, and dosage) to ensure correct dosage per medication.

  • Dual Sensor System: Double sensors to ensure the correct pill is taken. Utilizes dual sensor technology to ensure the lid turns and opens to the correct compartment and tracks whether pills are poured out.

  • Dose LED Indicator & Sound Alert: Indicates the correct compartment to turn when it’s time for medication. Receives sound alerts in circumstances of overdose or wrong dosage.

  • Optimal Audio & Visual Experience: Pitch frequency & light brightness optimized for young-old users.

  • CYCO Mobile App: Intelligent reminder, wrong dose & overdose alerts, real-time monitoring by 3rd party trackers, medication performance tracking & health tips.

  • 7-slot Exchangeable Compartment: Add-on accessory to allow flexibility in fitting user’s medication pattern.


Company co-founders Ivan Wan and Dominic Au were inspired to create the CYCO smart pillbox after discovering that their beloved friend had to start taking long-term medication and would struggle with the rigors of maintaining a daily medication routine. They are seeking to make medication adherence less difficult for everyone involved in the life of a loved one who must deal with a chronic illness.

Qualife have launched a Kickstarter campaign, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1879657926/cyco-smart-pillbox-taking-your-medication-just-got, to encourage others to join them in their endeavor, and to spread awareness about their pillbox among consumers and the investment community.


Qualife, (https://www.qualife.co/), is an intelligence healthcare company from Hong Kong, founded by a creative team with over a decade of experience in the medical services and IT industries. Through a platform of driving healthcare innovation, Qualife’s goal is to produce medical innovations to fulfill their vision of improving the overall length and quality of human life, giving you the ability to do what you are passionate for, to see the ones you love, and to travel where you dream of.


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Tuesday, July 17, 2018