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Startup Incubation Program Launching in Hartford

Upward is global incubator with a vision to re-invigorate second-tier cities through a generation of innovators with ideas that are fostered through connection, learning and experience. Our foundation city, Hartford CT, is already host to one of our flourishing integrated communities. A thriving ecosystem serving as the core to our principal Upward City.

Upward is pleased to announce the creation of Upward Labs, a progressive, innovation facility, based in Hartford CT, designed to incubate the most game-changing ideas in the Smart Buildings and Aged Care sectors.

Every 6 months, Upward will select 10 startups to participate in this hands-on, intensive program designed to prepare entrepreneurs for real-world applications by working with well-known commercial, residential and senior care program partners as well as CT Based Fortune 500 companies.

Startups will have the opportunity to pilot their technology from day 1 of the program and work with industry advisors committed to guiding entrepreneurs on their pilot journey. Throughout the pilot process, corporate partners will be monitoring the progress and providing continuous feedback that will assist the startups in improving the product so that it can cater to the widest audience possible.

Every startup that qualifies for the program will be additionally supported through an inclusive, “Live-Work-Play” lifestyle that includes workspace, luxury co-living accommodations and a social programming calendar that seamlessly integrates out-of-towners into the vibrant Hartford community.


Upward has committed one of its Labs to the Aged Care industry, incubating innovations that facilitate the societal shift towards “value care” through nursing home, assisted-living and home health-care services.

Startups will have the opportunity to elevate the standard of Aged Care living by piloting their innovation across 100 assisted-living units and 100 home health-care homes.

From lifestyle to medical devices, safety and mobility, Upward is opening up its Labs to those who can contribute to the comfort of Aged Care living in partnership with category leaders.

For more information on the Aged Care Lab, visit:



Upward’s Smart Building Lab will explore everything from safety and security technology to maximizing fluidity and navigation for ease and productivity.


Innovations in this category are selected on their potential to transform the future of real estate through pilot-testing in 2 class-A commercial office buildings and 2 luxury residential buildings.


New technologies should support environmental and economical efficiencies through data collection, interpretation and re-integration, while advancing real estate across both residential and commercial buildings.


For more information on the Smart Building Lab, visit:


Applications are due by January 25th 2019.

The inaugural cohort will start in April 2019.


For more information on the whole program, visit


Further Inquiries: Rachel Dantess,



Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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