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Storii Creates a Person's Life Memoir Over the Phone

SAN MATEO, Calif., April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Storii is launching a new story-telling platform that creates a person's memoir and makes preserving family history easier than ever. Storii allows people to record their life stories, with no computer, smartphone or internet required. Instead, the platform records a person's memories as they relay them, over any phone (including landlines). Using meaningful question prompts, Storii can capture unique stories that otherwise might not be requested, recorded, or shared.

Storii's unique AI Biography Rewrites feature helps take these recordings to the next level by generating a well-crafted narrative. The AI tech will analyze the entire recording to clarify, organize or add additional context to enhance each story. This is helpful if users take time to pause or make a mistake. The original transcript will remain available as well.

"Storii is the easiest way to leave behind a lasting and meaningful legacy that can be shared with family members," said Cameron Graham, Storii co-founder and CEO. "It's one thing to know where your parents or grandparents are from, but being able to learn about specific moments in their lives in their own words will help you understand your traditions, heritage and what shapes your family."

"With Storii's new AI Biography Rewrites, users can relax knowing Storii will do the work for them, making capturing and writing up memories as simple as talking on the phone," Graham continued.

Storii provides a curated list of more than 1,000 question prompts, or users can create their own that can be answered at length to become one of the stories. Sample questions include:

What is your earliest memory?

What was your first job?

How do you remember your 20s?

Tell me about your favorite family vacation.

What is the best meal you've ever had?

How would you like to be remembered?

How Storii Works

Packaged in an attractive box, recipients will find simple-to-follow index cards for registration and instructions. The whole sign-up process can be completed over the phone, or online if preferred. Storii can be set to automatically call your loved one at any phone number up to three times a week at days/times that are convenient, throughout the one-year subscription period. Storytellers can also call back the same number at any time to record answers at their own pace.

After users record a story, the audio file is automatically uploaded to their online Storii keepsake profile. Family members are notified when a recording is complete and have the option to upload any photos or videos that go with the story to the online profile. Stories can be printed, shared digitally, or downloaded as an audiobook.

Unlike other life story tools, Storii does not require users to have a smartphone, the ability to type or an internet connection. There's no learning curve so loved ones feel empowered and confident when sharing their life stories.

"Storii offers loved ones so many wonderful benefits. Not only is it an easy and convenient way to preserve family history, but this helps combat isolation through connection, provides users with a sense of purpose and can help improve psychological well-being with reminiscence therapy," continued Graham. "We're currently doing a clinical study with a major U.S. university to prove that Storii improves mood and reduces feelings of depression and isolation."

To learn more about Storii or to purchase a subscription or gift box, visit

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About Storii

Storii allows people to document their life stories simply by answering questions about their lives in a series of phone calls over a period of a year. The AI technology creates well-crafted narrative memoirs based solely on the transcribed audio. A tool to bridge the generational gap, Storii allows older family members to easily record and share stories and a way for families to connect. These memoirs may also include videos and photos to become beautiful keepsakes for generations to come. The company has received funding from 1517 Fund and angel investors. For more information, contact

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Erica Zeidenberg
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Thursday, April 27, 2023


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