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Supporting Seniors Living Alone – SentinelCALL Offers Families With Aging-In-Place Loved Ones Peace Of Mind

Concordia Systems Inc. is pleased to announce immediate availability of SentinelCALL™, a low-cost service that uses telephone calls to stay in contact, offer reminders, and keeps families connected without being invasive or burdensome.

“As family members we want those we love who are aging in place to remain independent. I learned first-hand when your grandmother is a 90-something (or older) living alone you worry. Technology is great but iPads and sensors aren’t for everyone. No one wants a camera on them. A telephone is simple and familiar,” said Paul Merenbloom, founder of Concordia Systems.

SentinelCALL™ was created for Merenbloom’s grandmother who, at 95-years old, experienced a fall and would not use the “Help, I’ve fallen” button. The daily call service supports seniors independence and provides information to the family members. Much like an alarm clock becomes routine SentinelCALL™ features 90-second telephone calls to seniors daily that prompt two or three check-in questions asking grandma (or any loved one) how she is, offering a gentle reminder to take her take medication, eat, collect daily blood pressure or sugar levels and asking if anything is needed. Together these features enhance engagement and compliance with medication which improve health outcomes, longevity and reduce hospitalizations.

Unique to the SentinelCALL™ service is the ability to get the call playback delivered via Concordia’s free Android and iPhone apps, through a cell phone, e-mail, text message or any internet-connected device. IBM’s Watson service powers transcription of the calls which may be delivered as text messages, e-mail, for as many as 10 family members and/or care givers.

“I think of SentinelCALL™ as ‘family in a box’,” said Merenbloom, referring to the kind of warm and welcoming reception that elders have for those who love them. “Grandma wants to know that she’s loved and cared for but doesn’t want to be to be nagged. One or two calls a day offer seniors and their families peace of mind and access to invaluable information. Being able to keep in touch with information like compliance with medication, sugar levels, and other needs affords a unique opportunity to engage proactively yet respectfully.”    

Concordia is offering SentinelCALL™ to pilot subscribers through the new year at special rates. “What’s most important is that we extend the reach of this tool to families who, now at the holidays, may have renewed concern for loved ones who are aging,” said Tom Lang, CTO. “I live in Colorado, my dad is in Ohio. He’d not be happy to have me call him every day, but with SentinelCALL™ he can feel supported and I can have peace of mind.”

“With certain medical conditions, for example hypertension or diabetes, not looking at the numbers regularly can have dire consequences. Doctors and nurses can’t call every day. Seniors aren’t likely to track their data using computers or tablets. SentinelCALL™ becomes that connector linking my dad to me, and when something is out of the ordinary I can step in to support him – even from half a country away,” said Lang.

Increasing compliance with prescribed medication and activity use is a key tool to help reduce each incident and readmission rates. The Centers for Medicare Services reports that for 2014, in Maryland alone, patients treated for COPD had a 25.1% readmission rate, heart failure 26%, depression 23.9%, chronic kidney disease 25.5% and diabetes 22.8%.

For less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee SentinelCALL™ offers Aging-in-Place and Alzheimer’s/Dementia communities a cost-effective service that brings peace of mind and can help with early identification and intervention.

Advanced voice analytics and response tracking are features that will be introduced in early 2017.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland and Colorado Springs, CO, Concordia is a software-as-a-service and data analytics provider supporting behavioral health and welfare insight. The company’s offerings support Aging-in-Place, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, chronic care and acute-discharge populations, providers, payers (insurance companies) and research communities.

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Monday, November 21, 2016