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Tech-enhanced Life Publishes Comprehensive Online Guide for Selecting Personal Emergency Response Systems

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- "How do I choose the best medical alert system for myself or an older adult I care about?" is a question that Tech-enhanced Life has conclusively – and objectively – answered with its personal emergency response system selection guide. Sifting through the marketing clutter, the selection guide is designed for two groups of people: older adults who want to live independently, and friends and family who want to help select an appropriate product.

In creating this unique guide, Tech-enhanced Life has amassed a database of more than 50 medical alert systems. For the ordinary consumer, conflicting marketing claims and endless lists of features can be overwhelming. Online review sites are often thinly disguised marketing vehicles rather than actual analyses. And it is often not at all clear which features matter for a given individual. The purpose of Tech-enhanced Life's new guide is to offer an objective, independent and deep investigation of this growing product category.

"There's no such thing as a 'best' medical alert system for everyone," explains Dr. Richard G. Caro, co-founder of Tech-enhanced Life. "There may well be a handful of 'best' products for a given individual, but different individuals may need quite different products depending on their life circumstance, so a personalized approach is necessary. Unfortunately, our research revealed that no single website could answer the simple question of which medical alert system is right for specific situations. With so many older citizens intending to 'age in place' with the help of technology, we believe this comprehensive guide will be an extremely useful resource."

The personal emergency response system selection guide is comprised of a learning module, selection tool and best of breed summaries. The learning module includes two self-paced online workshops. The first provides a thorough introduction to the technology, ideally clearing up some of the confusion around these devices and their marketing claims. The second workshop details the five-step process for making the best and most personalized selection of a personal emergency response system for oneself or someone else. Members who feel they already have a firm grounding in this product category can skip the learning module and go straight to the selection tool.

As the "meat and potatoes" of the new guide, the selection tool turns a list of desired features into a short list of specific products. Members can access Tech-enhanced Life's objective analyses of each of these products to narrow their choices even further, or simply to better understand what's available. Finally, the guide's best of breed recommendations can help members choose the optimal medical alert system from their list.

About Tech-enhanced Life

Tech-enhanced Life, PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation, incorporated in Delaware, USA. This relatively new class of corporation combines the features of a mission-driven, non-profit organization with the focus and innovative spirit that comes from being a for-profit business. As a PBC we are allowed to have a dual purpose: making our shareholders happy, while also focusing on our mission: improving the quality of life of older adults and their families.

Dr. Richard G. Caro   

SOURCE Tech-enhanced Life, PBC

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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