Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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Meet or hear Laurie in one of the following:

CAP Conference, Asheville, NC, Aug 15-17.

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Technology-powered Care Management and Virtual Caregiving Services

GrandCare Systems (GC) and AllHealth CHOICE (AHC) announced today at the Louisville Innovation Summit that they have formed a strategic alliance for AllHealth CHOICE’s exclusive integration of CHARLIE, a GrandCare technology, in its innovative virtual caregiving and care management service.  CHARLIE was designed to enable the elderly, chronically-ill, and disabled population to remain independent, healthy, and safe at home.

“We are delighted to partner with AllHealth CHOICE who truly have the vision, an established process and the clinical expertise to make cost-effective virtual care a reality.”

Leveraging CHARLIE, AllHealth CHOICE integrates the latest in remote activity of daily living monitoring, telehealth, socialization, patient engagement, and care coordination technologies into one comprehensive service combined with dedicated care managers and navigators.


AllHealth CHOICE, powered by CHARLIE, offers true patient-centered care management. The result is improved patient care and better patient outcomes. This innovative approach proactively reduces critical events and hospital re/admissions by transmitting red flag and preventative information to medical providers, the care manager, family members and loved ones. The integration of CHARLIE, tailored care management, and increased patient engagement is demonstrating improved results. One healthcare provider saw the use of CHARLIE resulting in a whopping 60% reduction in hospital re/admissions and ER visits.

“For more than a decade, GrandCare has worked to develop a comprehensive, patient-centered technology to improve care for individuals in their own homes,” said GrandCare founder and CEO, Charlie Hillman. “We are delighted to partner with AllHealth CHOICE who truly have the vision, an established process and the clinical expertise to make cost-effective virtual care a reality.”

“AllHealth has successfully and seamlessly integrated a professional and compassionate care management team with a proven point-of-care GrandCare technology, CHARLIE,” said AllHealth CHOICE CEO, Sabrina Patterson. “We are offering our flagship product, CHARLIE, to help patients and providers achieve better outcomes at a more affordable price.”

AllHealth’s care management team creates an individualized care plan and then customizes CHARLIE to specifically meet the patient’s needs. CHARLIE senses changes in monitoring patterns, health vitals, and alerts the care manager as well as any other designated individuals such as the healthcare provider or family member for immediate and early intervention.

AllHealthCHOICE will be showcasing CHARLIE and the AHC care management approach at the Louisville Innovation Summit on October 10th and 11th from 8am – 4pm. GrandCare’s Charlie Hillman is slated to speak in the Senior Cyborgs: The Rise of Digital Health panel on Monday October 10th, at 2:15pm.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

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