Market Overview for Technology for Aging in Place

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Toch Smarturns TM , providing stove and kitchen safety for seniors living independently

Toch Smarturns TM , providing stove and kitchen safety for seniors living independently.

Vancouver, April 19, 2018. Tochtech Technologies Inc. a Canadian technology company whose

mission is to enable a future where seniors can live independently for as long as they choose to,

released its first assistive tech product, Toch Smarturns TM .


Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), motion sensor, wireless and patent-pending technologies,

the Smarturns TM solution involves replacing existing stove knobs with the intelligent knobs that

are able to track when a stove has been turned on and off. Used in conjunction with a motion

sensing device, Smarturns TM tracks when a stove is on and unattended, sounding a local alarm

to alert the stove user and at the same time issuing text notifications to nominated family

members and care givers of an impending dangerous situation. Smarturns TM has been designed

for straight forward, DIY installation and works for both gas and electric stoves.


Smarturns TM addresses one of the main concerns family members have for seniors living

independently – forgetting to turn off the stove. The Federal Emergency Management Agency

(FEMA) reports that people over the age of 65 have a 2.5 times greater risk of dying in a kitchen

fire than the general population. According to FEMA, cooking is one of the leading causes of fire

in the home, accounting for thousands of injuries, death and significant property damage.


As the generation of boomers age, kitchen safety will only become a greater concern.

“As part of our strategy to enable seniors to age in place, kitchen safety is high on the list. We

wanted to transform existing stoves to SMART stoves, adding intelligence to the kitchen

inexpensively” said Tochtech CEO, Jessica Yang. “This is a first in-class solution. While we

developed Smarturns with seniors in mind, we have had interest from a wide range of users

including occupational therapists, universities campus residences and just everyday busy

families” added Yang.


Smarturns can be purchased on-line at safety/ or

on Amazon.


For more information please contact Vessa Samson at or on 604-



About Tochtech Technologies: Tochtech is a Vancouver-based technology company. Founded in 2014,

Tochtech designs and produces SMART home solutions through the use of innovative technologies. Its

goal is to enable seniors to age independently, safely and affordably in the comfort of their own homes.

Tochtech is actively working to develop and add more solutions to its family of products.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

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